Lady Gaga: Fun Pack Song is 'wonderful' and 'great'?!?!

Playwright Haresh Sharma, who penned the new lyrics, called the Fun Pack Song "a tongue-in-cheek parody" and he hits it on the nail. Yeah, I read about the lame attempt of sorry excuse for that disastrous Fun Pack Song in this Asiaone, "Why the obsession with NDP fun packs?".

Haresh Sharma must have been biting his nails as Lady Gaga, the singer of the song of which the Fun Pack Song was 'inspired/ripped-off' was said to be performing here as part of an exclusive showcase for more than 2,000 SingTel customers.

To his relief, Lady Gaga is not as hard as nails. She said the Fun Pack Song is 'wonderful' and 'great'.

Sure it's difficult to determine whether she's being sincere or sarcastic. And whether the real copyright issue shall be raised after she leaves Singapore. Heh.

Till then, we can guess Dick Lee is to be sorely upset as he once commented that: "You cannot just take somebody’s hit song and change the lyrics. If I were Lady Gaga, I wouldn’t be very pleased". (Source Jakarta Globe, "Lady Gaga Rip-Off Ridiculed by Singapore Netizens".)

The astute reader will notice the repeated of nail-related phrases in the above. So why don't I include this Eminem clip, "Nail In The Coffin" as well?

ORGANISERS of the National Day Parade (NDP) yesterday said they will drop the Fun Pack Song, which modified the lyrics of Lady Gaga's hit tune Bad Romance without permission.

But there was a twist to the saga: In an interview with The Straits Times yesterday, the American pop star said it was 'wonderful' that the lyrics had been changed and pronounced them 'great'.

From Straits Times, "NDP song dropped... but Gaga likes it".

National Day Parade organisers will not be using the Fun Pack Song for Singapore's birthday celebration this year.

The song is sung to the tune of Lady Gaga's hit single "Bad Romance" but with modified lyrics.

It emerged that organisers did not obtain rights to modify the lyrics.

The NDP Committee said they will not be seeking adaptation rights to perform the song.

The Fun Pack Song came under fire after a video of it was uploaded on YouTube.

It was first performed during rehearsals to introduce items in the goodie bag.

From Channel NewsAsia, "No Fun Pack Song at NDP 2011".


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