Interview with Miss Singapore Universe 2011 & runners-up (Say cheese!)

I stand corrected. The newly crowned Miss Singapore Universe 2011, Valerie Lim does have a sparkling smile. Previously (based on the top 4 photos of hers) I commented that she looks much more captivating when she doesn't smile. Heh. My mistake...

The above screenshot is from YouTube clip, "Miss Singapore Universe 2011 - Interview with the winners |":
Miss Singapore Universe 2011 - Gala Dinner Show held on 10th July 2011, at Shangri-La Hotel, Island Ballroom. Interview with Valerie Lim (Miss Singapore Universe 2011), Amanda Leong (1st Runner Up) & Shn Juay (2nd Runner Up).

There was a strong sisterhood amongst the contestants. No cat fights or bitching. In fact they were very supportive. Hear how the top 3 winners juggled between their work and the pagent.


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