Geylang Checker: Singapore version of Birds of Prey?

(If you don't get the reference of "Birds of Prey", you truly have to revisit reading the comics, peeps!)

Okay, back to the topic.

There have been 425 comments so far in Yahoo! since the article on "Geylang Checker" blog ( featured.

The best could possibly from one YC:
I was browsing through the site until I saw these pics. Initially I applauded the efforts but the more I read, the more I realize that this is a destructive movement.

I think you seriously lack much sensibility and are purely driven by spite and anger rather than really trying to help.

Have it ever occurred to you that the men in the pics taken could i) be single, ii) taking a shortcut due to the rain. And that could it be possible that they're innocently walking past?

It's wonderful if you caught cheating partners. But what if they are innocent? Do you ever think how the world would see them? How many people you know in life assume most of the things the hear or see? Imagine what a guy would have to go through if a colleague or friend saw his pic here and starts a joke. Someone may take it seriously and rumors will start. Is this not detrimental to society?

Unless your crew can identify the status of a man, the intention of a man, if not then please use some sensibility and sensitivity when posting pics.

All of the pictures shown did not show the start or end destination. Is it correct to assume that all these men are visiting prostitutes? Is there not a possibility that they happen to be going somewhere else and are just passing through due to it being the shortest way to their destination?

I love the food in Geylang and my family and friends love to go there for supper. There are many times when we can only park it the hot zones you stated due to lack of space. Imagine if my car plate was shot. Imagine if my pic was taken. Sure, my wife would never doubt me. I can always prove that I am going for supper with my friends. But what about other people who see the pics? Can I explain or tell them in advance that I'm going to Geylang for supper? Have you ever thought how this will affect the social lives of people as a whole?

If you really want to help, you can always offer this as a free PI service to ladies who suspect or fear their partners are visiting prostitutes.

Going through your site, I'm afraid your trigger happy finger is shooting and destroying the lives of many innocent victims because of your own pain.

Please think carefully if you really want to help. There are many innocent and happy lives you may inadvertently destroy. Don't make your own unhappiness a part of other peoples lives.

Still I guess many would think twice to visit Geylang even for non sexual activity. And I can foresee the business owners of Geylang collectively sue Angie, the lady who's responsible of blogging Geylang Checker.

Angie understandbly prefers to be faceless

If that happens and you want her to stand a chance to win the legal suit, please start donating now. You can donate $10, $30, $50, $100 and even $500!

There's no YouTube interview on Geylang Checker's Angie yet. So till then, let's just bedazzled by the flesh trade in Geylang (the clips were taken in y2008, so the condition may now be better...or worse).

"I will kill you when I hunt you down" and "I will rape you ladies wen I get hold of you" are some of the threats that have been made on the woman behind the Geylang Checker website.

The woman, who only wants to be known as Angie, has been running the "whistle-blowing" website since last July to monitor "cheating men in Geylang".

However, the nasty e-mail messages have not deterred Angie.

In an e-mail interview with my paper, she revealed that she has assembled a team of more than 50 volunteers, or "checkers" as she calls them, to conduct "hourly patrols of Geylang streets" every day.

These volunteers are mostly female.

They snap photographs of boyfriends, husbands, male relatives and colleagues who solicit the services of prostitutes.

The checkers receive assignments or tip-offs from women who want to find out if their men have been to the red-light district.

Angie, who is in her early 30s and works for "one of the big five auditing firms" here, confessed to being fearful of her life and the lives of her volunteers.

"Safety is a concern, but helping Singaporean women takes a higher priority," said the woman whose family is unaware of her activities.

Her motivation to set up the site

She started the website to help other women avoid the experiences she had been through.

In May last year, she caught her boyfriend stepping out of a brothel in Geylang and saw him kiss a woman on his way out.

"I didn't believe it when my friend told me, so I took a cab down and waited outside," recalled Angie, who cut ties with him immediately.

"We had been together for six years. I deleted his contact numbers and warned him not to look for me any more," she said.

To date, there have been 43 postings on the website, featuring photographs of men and women and recruitment ads for more volunteers.

She said that their team has so far received 30 requests and has exposed 15 cases of cheating.

The operations were initially conducted by Angie alone, but she managed to rope in two friends whose boyfriends had also cheated on them to take photos surreptitiously in Geylang.

She admitted to not having a long-term plan initially as well.

How they check up on the men

The initial trio of volunteers were able to take photos without any suspicion as they were "dressed formally" and were thought to be tourists.

Armed with cameras that "are not well-furnished, the volunteers are also not trained professionally or skilled in martial arts, but they have "guts and strategy".

The team also grew bigger when people found out about it through word of mouth and through their call to arms on the site.

The volunteers include lawyers, doctors, junior-college and university students, office workers and housewives.

Men have also stepped forward. Citing them as "our secret weapon", Angie revealed that one of them works in the army and helps train the volunteers with "expertise in guerilla warfare".

Taught by the army expert, the volunteers work with two teams -- one as a decoy while the other snaps photos.

Angie told the paper, "We have also planned our escape route. We know which hotels we can hide in if we're being chased."

Volunteers in some close shaves

However, she admitted that there have been some close shaves. There was an incident, she recalled, when a female volunteer was caught taking pictures and chased by two men.

They cornered her and smashed her camera on the ground. Luckily for her, the police arrived and the men fled before they could "make advances on her".

Security experts the same paper spoke to commended the intentions of the volunteers, but warned that the best results may not be achieved.

James Loh, 39, owner of SG Investigators, said that cheating spouses may not stop his errant ways even after being confronted.

He added that the photos taken by the volunteers may even "jeopardise the collection of evidence that can be used by the court". Such evidence is required for settling divorce claims.

The investigator of more than eight years said that only the evidence collected by professional and licenced sources can be used.

Angie, however, is not deterred.

She wants the website to become a "whistle-blower", and her goal is to create a site that is "a complete deterrent to cheating among Singaporean men".

The single, who has not dated anyone since her break-up last year, is still keen to pursue a relationship.

"Yes, trust (in men) has been lost, but I want to see how my future partner can help me regain this trust so that Geylang Checker may be passed on to the next hurting woman."

From Yahoo! News, "Geylang Checker’s founder receives death threats".


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