A Day at the Museum

If you're a tourist and you're interested to learn about Singapore - how it became a metropolitan melting pot, the story behind its delicious chicken rice, and how advanced this nation is - you should go straight to the museum first and let Sentosa wait!

"An enjoyment and appreciation of the arts [hinge] upon your willingness to absorb and reflect upon the artistic endeavors of others. No one who has not partaken, on a regular basis, of the rich heritage of those who have gone before, or of our own talented contemporaries, can truly be acquainted with or appreciate the human species as a creative creature. This enjoyment of others is as essential to understanding and developing our own creative ability as the work we do ourselves. The museums and galleries of the world cry out for inspection.... To ignore these in total is sad indeed." - Frank Schaeffer, 1981
Don't you just love the Singapore National Museum's Victorian facade? Sorry, Roark; I know you hate this stuff. :p

My darlings Riva, Emerald & Rhoda

 Entitled, 20 Tonnes. My caption - London's Stonehenge wannabe

Rotunda Dome - ceiling of the museum's lobby
We were greeted by the moving chandeliers entitled, Contours of a Rich Manoeuvre. Creepy much!
A photo of our tour guide in brown shirt. She kept reminding me not to touch things :D
I like how the museum caters to all your senses.
Yes, even to your olfactory gland!
Spices, roots, herbs, etc

Poverty-stricken Singapore. Gazillion years ago...

and this was their toilet

Sir Stamford (a road name) Raffles (a road name and an MRT line) is so pogi.

During the 1940's, the colour orange was so rockin'!

Learned a new word that day - horology...
It is the art of watchmaking from the Swiss pioneers. That era was during the Calvinist Reformation, Jewelry were considered ostentatious so craftsmen shifted to watchmaking.

Two of the photos from famous photojournalist, Abbas under the category, Muslims.

This was displayed between cheongsams and saris.

Decrease in unemployment rate in Singapore over the years. Lord, i pray for this to happen in the Philippines, too.

Entitled, Transformation

Long outdoor escalator. Electrocution waiting to happen??

Sad that i was not able to take more photos of the inside as my antique cybershot has conked out at this point. Photos now courtesy of my iphone.

Now, let's look at another art - the art of planking! :p

Riva's such a risk-planker! Hehehe


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