Changi Airport Terminal 1 - Random photos & possibly inane comments

A few random shots when I went to Changi Airport terminal 1 on 6 July AM:

1. Because sex sells, let the random photos start with this particular photo. A pretty face paused as she talks in her phone. I like this photo (no, not because of her!) because the surrounding seems blurrish--the effect of snapping the photo while the camera is on the move. (Uhm, never mind...I'll have to reproduce the similar effect before I understand it myself. Heh.)

2. This photo is chosen because of the lights reflection on the floor. When we say Singapore is clean, we damn mean it, don't we? Oh, and the fact that the shops sell their merchandises without the burden of GST are just appealing.

3. Singapore Visitors Centre. It should really be integrated with the booths for the 2 Integrated Resorts (IR-s) Resorts World Sentosa & MBS currently scattered elsewhere in the Changi. Well, just a thought...

4. For a $15-fee, one can have their luggages to be plastic-wrapped for additional security measure. TrueStar, explain. What do you try to imply here?!?!


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