Brandon Wey: Can Buy Them Love

Yeah, like the Beatles, I'm perfectly sure that you disagree with what Brandon Wey is doing. The entrepreneur launched which lets 'generous' members bid hard cash - between US$20 (S$24) and US$100 - for dates with 'attractive' users.

The idea may be original, but it is still very much wrong. Wanna bet that the website soon (if not already) degrades to be the hub for 'freelancers'?

The Beatles - Can't Buy Me Love (Live)

CAN MONEY buy you love? A Singaporean-born entrepreneur has stirred up a huge controversy in the United States over several risque online dating businesses he created that promote the idea that money can buy one love.

The latest of these:, launched in March 2011, lets 'generous' members bid hard cash - between US$20 (S$24) and US$100 - for dates with 'attractive' users.

From Straits Times, "Bid-for-date online dating site causes stir".

Entrepreneurship going overboard? STOMPer boyslikesgirls does not think it is socially responsible for this Singaporean guy to create online dating websites where men can pay money for a date with 'beautiful women, guaranteed'.

According to the report in The New Paper today (Jul 31), Singaporean-born Brandon Wey has set up the 'sugar daddy' website to provide an opportunity for any man, who is able to pay, to date attractive women.

He said he created several 'sexy' websites where 'generous' members can bid for dates with 'attractive' women, because he was always unable to find a date back in St. Andrew's Secondary School and Hwa Chong Junior College.

Brandon met his ex-wife, who was 13 years younger, when she was an interpreter for him in Ukraine. He met his current 25-year-old girlfriend when she sat for an interview for a job in his company.

His latest website, WhatsYourPrice, lets male members offer between US$20 to US$100 to a female member for a date. The site charges 2.5 to 10% of the transaction.

The STOMPer shares:

"I'm quite stunned to see such a site appear.

"It's like a social escort online service.

"Who knows what the people who buy dates will do also.

"Plus, money can't buy you love!

"I was even more stunned to see it was created by a Singapore-born person.

"Entrepreneur-ing? Yes, but...not socially responsible."

From STOMP, "SG guy creates 'sugar daddy' website: Ordinary men can pay to date hot girls".


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