Andrew Kuan ... another Presidential hopeful AGAIN!!

For the illusion of a fairer coverage (I can't just write about Mr Tan Kin Lian, you see?), I'm compelled to blog about the latest Presidential hopeful, Mr Andrew Kuan.

Yes, he is the very same Andrew Kuan who was once disqualified from running in 2005 Presidential Election.

Yes, he is the very same Andrew Kuan who in the previous General Election had declared his intention to contest in Joo Chiat SMC, but yet on the eve of Nomination Day (27 April 2011), he had withdrawn saying his decision has nothing to do with pressure from Workers' Party, and he is just "graciously moving aside".

Yes, I'm not impressed at all!

Check out the following clip titled, "Andrew Kuan praises Nicole Seah & withdraws from 3-cornered fight (26 Apr 2011)":

Quoted from the YouTube page:
Having made new friends during his walkabouts, he has managed to, in his words, seek "closure in a dignified manner", after failing to qualify for the presidential elections in 2005.

Several years ago, it was reported that his former bosses at JTC Corporation asked him to leave the company, because of unsatisfactory performance.

But the then-Chief Financial Officer loaded documents onto his website, about 2 weeks ago, which he said prove otherwise.

He said he wants to move on with his private life and close the matter.

Out of curiousity I visited his website ( In his "About Me" page, one can view the uploaded files on "Contribution Recognized by JTC Corporation" namely:
a) Annual Performance Appraisal
b) Performance Bonus for work done
c) Salary Adjustment

So what do you think?

To echo Shania Twain's words: "That don't impress me much". Or in the longer sentence, "Okay, so you're another Presidential hopeful who even announces your intention to be a candidate later than Dr Tony Tan despite being disqualified in the Presidential Election in 2005 and despite giving up the fight in Joo Chiat SMC during the last General Election....THAT DON'T IMPRESS ME MUCH!!"

MR ANDREW Kuan is eyeing another shot at the presidency, despite having been disqualified in 2005 when the Presidential Elections Committee (PEC) did not issue him with an eligibility certificate.

The former JTC Corporation group chief financial officer said yesterday that he would collect forms to apply for an eligibility certificate 'on my own time and own schedule' and that would happen 'some time in July'.

The committee said in 2005 that the seniority and responsibility of his JTC position did not match the eligibility criteria set out in the Constitution.

One of several ways of qualifying as a candidate is to have been either chairman or chief executive officer of certain key statutory boards, for no less than three years.

Mr Kuan, 57, worked in the statutory board from June 2001 to July 2004.

This time round, Mr Kuan said he plans to bolster his chances of getting the PEC's nod on two counts.

From Straits Times, "Andrew Kuan eyes 2nd bid for presidency".

Former JTC Corporation group chief financial officer Andrew Kuan, who was disqualified in 2005 from running for the presidency, is keen to throw his hat into the ring again.

The Presidential Elections Committee (PEC) did not issue him a certificate the last time, saying he did not meet the eligibility criteria set out in the Constitution.

But Mr Kuan, 57, told MediaCorp last night that he would apply for the certificate again under Constitution Article 19 Subsection 2 (g)(iv), in which he would state that he managed funds and reserves at JTC up to S$9.3 billion during the 38 months he served as the group's CFO - well above the S$100 million stipulated by the PEC for candidates to qualify.

Mr Kuan said he would be supporting his application through the JTC Act Articles 20 and 21, which "required me to submit financial statements to the Minister of Trade and Industry and President" as the group's CFO.

He added his appraisal in 2004 - his final year at JTC - stated he had performed his duties at JTC "beyond expectations".

Mr Kuan has not yet collected forms to apply for an eligibility certificate but he told MediaCorp he would be doing so soon.

From Today, "Andrew Kuan keen to run in Presidential Election".


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