Top Ten Reasons Why I Want to Be Like Her.

Aside from the obvious, glaring fact that she's beautiful within and without - everybody already knows that about her - these are my personal reasons why Mummy Ana, my friend and spiritual mentor, is one of the few women I look up to...

1. Because she is teachable and unassuming
2. Because she listens and remembers
3. Because she is smart for her age! haha
4. Because she taught me how to cook baked mussels
5. Because I can call her in the middle of the night just to whine about my ex
6. Because she always asks about my love life *giggles*
7. Because she knows how to have fun
8. Because she gives me the kind of trinkets I'd wear ;-)
9. Because her love for God is infectious
10. Because she still appreciates the little, simple things in life.

Happy birthday, Mummy A!


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