Tan Kin Lian President's Personal Council: 3 Reasons I'm Against It...

If he's elected as the President, Mr Tan Kin Lian plans to set up the President's personal council.

I am totally against the idea.

Firstly, how's this so-called President's personal council members are paid? We're looking at reviewing of political holders' salary at the moment and yet this idea of creating new posts is introduced?! Unless they're working free of charge (or paid by the President from his own pocket), I strongly believe people will scorn at the thought of having such a costly council. Bad move, Mr Tan.

Secondly, the goal of the council is to help him manage interactions & feedback from people. Let me ask this question: how do the current President Mr Nathan carry out such task? Surely there have been an existing group of people doing so & thus, this President's personal council is going to be redundant. It's going to be a case of reinventing the wheel. Not justifiable.

Thirdly, to allow losers in the Presidential Election the opportunity to serve on the Council is just not appealing. Especially if these losers are still paid for that! So this Council thing becomes like a consolation prize for them?! Let's join the Presidential Race, even if you lose (as long as you garner at least 20% of the vote), you'll still gain some prize aka a position in the President's personal council.

Former NTUC Income chief Tan Kin Lian who intends to run in the upcoming Presidential Election said if elected, he plans to set up what he has called the president's personal council.

Mr Tan said the council will comprise of people who will help him manage interactions and feedback from people.

He added that the feedback on issues should be on those that affect the country and not personal ones that can be addressed by Members of Parliament.

In a statement, Mr Tan said he hopes this contest will be carried out in a positive climate and that the people will focus on the strong points of the candidates, rather than adopt unfair means to smear the reputation of those who are willing to stand up for Singapore.

He also backed a suggestion by a reader in the TODAY paper who said: "Allow losers in the Presidential Election the opportunity to serve on the Council of Presidential Advisers if they garner, say, 20 per cent of the vote.

This might encourage more eligible and capable people to step forward. It would also add diversity to the composition of the council, which in turn would enhance the Elected Presidency institution".

From Channel NewsAsia, "Tan Kin Lian plans to set up president's personal council if elected".


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