Singapore Presidential Election: Liar Game 'Minority Rule' to determine the President?!?!

I have this sudden compellingly outrageous inspiration when I was re-reading the manga, Liar Game about the Round 2 that is aptly called 'Minority Rule'.

Hey, why don't we deploy this game to determine the next Singapore President?

Okay, okay...I know those of you (especially those who are ignorant of the treatise called Liar Game. Hur hur) are dying to know about this so-called 'Minority Rule'.

Quoted from Liar Game Wiki, "Second Round" (cool, huh, Wiki just for Liar Game!):

The game the participants play is called "Minority Rule" which consists of players voting with the minority to proceed.

Imagine the 7 persons mentioned in "Clash of the three ti-TANs ... (Recap of Presidential Election candidates)" are--due to some divine intervention?--assessed to be eligible to run for Presidential Race.

Do you think the citizens ought to be burdened of choosing 'the best' (or the cynics among you will prefer the term 'the least of the devils'. Shame on you, really!) to be crowned as the President who Unify the Singaporeans?? (By the way, are we really perceived that strongly as 'divided', thus the need to 'unify'? Sheesh...)

No, I'd tell you.

The citizens must not be shouldering such a paramount ... uhm ... headache(?)!!.

Ergo, let us allow the Presidential candidates play this Liar Game's Minority Rule to determine the winner.

Let's list down the rules of the Game:
1. First a random candidate is chosen to ask any question as long is the answer is either "yes" or "no."

2. Candidates then vote for either "yes" or "no."

3. To vote, a candidate will place either a small sheet saying "yes" or "no" into a box.

4. The paper is numbered to identify who voted for which answer.

5. Candidates don't have to vote honestly. (Yeah, must be tough for a certain candidate who boasts 'honesty' & 'fairness' as his values!)

6. Candidates who don't vote within the time limit are eliminated. (Relevant as we do not want a wishy-washy candidate who cannot even decide to persevere to contest in the Election!)

7. The answer with the most votes is declared the majority and anyone who voted for that answer is eliminated.

8. If the votes are split in half exactly then the candidates will vote again.

9. If two candidates are left standing at the end, both will win, splitting the title of President (and those skyrocket salary!) between them.

The strength of this Game with respect to the Presidential Race will be the intelligence of the random candidate to pose a question which eventhough the answer is either Yes or No, the candidates must be wondering how each other shall vote in order to avoid becoming the majority.

Phew. Too long a sentence. Hate it.

So what do you think?

There is an element of intelligence as elaborated above.

There is an element of luck (with the 'random' candidate is given an opportunity to propose a question) - and isn't it said that "Being deeply learned and skilled, being well trained and using well spoken words; This is good luck"? (Kind of a non sequitur, I know. Sorry.)

Shall we adopt this Liar Game Minority Rule then? It will make a great show when it's broadcast live on TV!!

Disclaimer: this post is just a tounge-in-cheek. (Can'tBelieveIhaveToExplainIt...mutter) If you are taking it seriously, you truly have a serious problem. My sympathy. Liar Game Minority Rule implementation to determine the rightful President can only work in the world where its inhabitants are two dimensional, in black and white, having a pair of incredibly big short, only in a manga-like Reality. Not in this one.


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