Salvation Sam: A superhero is honored everywhere except in his own hometown and among his relatives and his own family

Image: Jove Pater Media Salvation Sam's Home

Singaporeans Mr Aravind Menon, Mr Sathya Sandira and Mr Alexander Zhao are the creators of Salvation Sam, a comic book that follows the story of a Chinese-Indian superhero named Sam.

Impressive, huh? Singapore ought to be proud! Oh, wait...perhaps not!

See, this superhero Salvation Sam is based in Sacramento, California. And no, Sacramento, California is not the name of any Singapore new town like, say, Punggol.

I must express my disgust with the rich violence that this comic seems to introduce. For example what's the deal with the character's parents who threaten that they would kill him if he doesn't come visit them in Singapore?! Shudder.

Like one Great person by name of Mark once was quoted to say, "A prophet is honored everywhere except in his own hometown and among his relatives and his own family". I guess, it's the same with Salvation Sam--eventhough he is no prophet.

Perhaps Salvation Sam will really have a storyline where he'll be back in Singapore & face the wrath of his parents & barely survive the battle with Singapore's very own villains such as: "Alluring Ah Lian", "Bombastic Beng" or "Mr Kleverly Kiasu (aka Mr Kiasu, Jr.)??

'I JUST hope we don't go bankrupt,' Alexander Zhao deadpanned as he talked about the future of Salvation Sam, a western style comic he and co-writer Aravind Menon created.

Thanks to an angel investor who seeded the money, 40,000 copies of their first comic book were printed and given out for free, with a retail version due later this year.

But the race of the comic's main character Salvation Sam, a superhero based in Sacramento, California, has received negative feedback from netizens, like Bluehawk168 who commented on citizen journalism website STOMP: 'I would like to see superheroes in comics about Singapore not elsewhere.'

Salvation Sam's creator were quick to jump to his defence and rectify such misconceptions.

'The character is supposed to be 'chindian'. His parents are Chinese and Indian. It is because the writers are Chinese and Indian which is why we chose that,' quipped Aravind in an interview with RazorTV.

The writers further revealed plans to bring the story back to Singapore and feature 'Singlish' as well as more of their favourite local food in future issues, considering 'his (the character's) parents still live in Singapore and they would kill him if he didn't come visit.'

From Straits Times, "Singapore's own superhero slammed".


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