Pwned??? Temasek Review Emeritus poor understanding of basic Paypal Donation feature leads to its own account being frozen...tsk tsk!!

Lesson learnt, Temasek Review Emeritus? Get a capable proxy account holder. And soon!

In the TRE article published yesterday, "PayPal wants proof that 'freedom of speech' was supplied and delivered", a hilariously silly correspondence happened in which Temasek Review Emeritus claimed that the Customer Service Officer of Paypal allegedly stated (in bold, moreover. Hur Hur!) that "PayPal cannot be used for collection of donations".

It's obviously wrong. A simple screenshot of PayPal own site on "Donations - Use PayPal to Easily Accept Donations to Your Site" should be enough to clarify the misunderstanding. Hard to imagine none in TRE has that basic knowledge!!

Also mentions in the PayPal page on Donations (not shown in the screenshot above) that 'over 100,000 nonprofits raise money using PayPal'.

As expected TRE decided to exaggerate the matter by giving up altogether the simple effort to unfreeze the account.

Until as and when we can provide proof from our supplier that we had ordered "freedom of speech" and delivery receipt for "freedom of speech" to our readers, it's unlikely our account will ever be unfrozen.

That is supposed to be tragic? I guess stupidity is.

Really, a simple screenshot of PayPal page above & a statement that TRE is a nonprofit organization. Heck, even in the "About" page of Temasek Review Emeritus, they can clearly write the nature of being nonprofit.

As clearly portrayed from my previous posts on the enigmatic TRE, it's very clear that I'm not altogether sympathetic of this fancy, self-sytled 'internet socio-political blog'.

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