Presidential Racer Mohammed Raffi: "I Am No 4".

The above image is inspired by the book, "I Am Number Four". A 50-year-old businessman Mohammed Raffi is the fourth President wannabe who had collected forms to contest the Presidential Elections.

He is so far the most obscure candidate. Try to google 'Mohammed Raffi' and you end up only to the page about a 49-year-old satay businessman of Jalilah's Sate Solo Mohamed Raffi Bashri Ahmed's case of disorderly behaviour and abusing police officers along Lorong 108 Changi Road on March 7 this year.

Surely it's a different person. The spelling of the name is clearly different due to the different no of the letter 'm'.

Oh well, I do hope Mr Mohammed Raffi further introduces himself to the curiouser Singaporeans. Time to start a blog and perhaps to upload a few video clips about yourself to YouTube, Mr Raffi? Heh.

A 50-year-old businessman, Mohammed Raffi, turned up at the Elections Department on Thursday to collect forms to contest the Presidential Elections.

He said he did so because a friend had promised to be his campaign manager.

Mr Raffi said he retired three years ago after he "made his bundle".

He did not disclose whether he was or had been a CEO or Chairman of a company.

He said if he was President, he would want to help Singaporeans become better citizens.

Earlier in the day, a group of three unidentified men turned up together.

They're believed to have collected forms for the certificate of eligibility.

But they declined comment when asked by MediaCorp why they were there.

Applications opened on June 1, and will close on the third day after a writ is issued for the Presidential Election which must take place before 31 August.

To date, former PAP MP Dr Tan Cheng Bock, former NTUC Income chief Mr Tan Kin Lian, and 70-year-old Mr Ooi Boon Ewe - who failed in his bid to contest the recent General Election as an independent candidate - have collected forms for the Presidential Election.

From Channel NewsAsia, "Fourth presidential hopeful collects forms".


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