Presidential Amazing Race: The significance of 15 representatives for Mr George Yeo...and why it's encouraging that he runs for the Presidency

Why 15 representatives were deployed to collect forms for a certificate of eligibility for Mr George Yeo to contest the Presidential Election?

I wonder whether Mr Yeo is an avid fan for the TV-series LOST. You know, I'm referring to the Numbers: 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42.


I know it's one way to make a news: not one, not two, but FIFTEEN representatives go & collect the forms on Mr Yeo's behalf! Okay, impressive. But so what??

Anyway, it's really heartening to see Mr Yeo possibly change his mind & indeed decide to join the Presidential Race. As what I blogged last time in "George Yeo (of not being the next Singapore President): "Don't cry for me, Singapore!"": he is surely going to be the president if he wants to! (Okay, we all know he once is quoted by Channel NewsAsia that he is a free spirit and not temperamentally suited for that role. Thus, I'm glad he now is re-considering.)

I guess the idea of him to run for the Presidency may no longer be "ridiculous", eh, PM Mr Lee?
The prime minister also dismissed as "ridiculous" a suggestion from the Workers’ Party’s candidate Pritam Singh that Mr George Yeo run for the Presidency.

Mr Lee said: "You don’t expect me to answer that kind of a question, neither does Pritam Singh."

From this post, "Thank You Letter: Even NSP Nicole Seah echoed WP Pritam Singh's idea for George Yeo as the next President!!".

Lesson learnt (for all of us, really)? Do not be too hasty to dismiss one's idea.

Pritam Singh's strong recommendation for George Yeo to be the next President (which was first made known during the Workers' Party rally on 01 May at Yishun stadium) may indeed be materialised. And hopefully soon. Well done, Mr Pritam!

REPRESENTATIVES of former Foreign Minister George Yeo have on Monday collected forms for a certificate of eligibility for him to contest the Presidential Elections.

At about 1pm, 15 representatives aged between 16 and 41 were seen at the Elections Department. One of them, Mr Lien We King, 36, said that he had received a phone call from Mr Yeo on Sunday asking him to help collect the forms on his behalf.

Mr Yeo, who is away in Taiwan, had earlier on Monday said that he hoped to make a decision on whether to run for president within two weeks.

Writing on his Facebook page on Monday morning, Mr Yeo also said that he had made arrangements should he be away when the presidential writ is issued.

'In case the presidential election writ is issued while I'm away, some young friends will collect the eligibility forms for me.

'It is a big decision which I hope to make two weeks from now after taking in views n advice from many people. I ask for your patience n understanding.'

Mr Yeo had earlier ruled himself out as a presidential candidate, despite numerous calls for him to run after he lost his seat in Parliament in the recent General Election.

However, he sparked off online discussion after announcing on Wednesday that he was 'thinking hard' about reconsidering running for President.

He said then, 'Many Singaporeans from different walks of life, young and old, have asked me to reconsider my decision on the Presidency, some impassionately,' he wrote. 'Thinking hard about it and praying for wisdom.'

From Straits Times, "Certificate of eligibility form collected for George Yeo".

Representatives of former foreign affairs minister George Yeo collected forms on Monday for a certificate of eligibility for him to contest the Presidential Election.

15 volunteers aged between 16 and 41 arrived at the Elections Department at about 1 pm.

36-year-old Lien We King said he received a phone call from Mr Yeo Sunday evening asking him to help collect the forms on his behalf.

Mr Yeo left for Taiwan Monday morning.

He is expected to return to Singapore in 10 days and the forms will be passed on to Mr Yeo then.

The supporters said they are hopeful Mr Yeo will run for the Presidential Election.

They believe Mr Yeo is the type of leader the younger generation will rally around.

They said the youths are very comfortable with Mr Yeo's brand of leadership, and that the promise that Mr Yeo made to engage the younger generation more appealed to them.

They said they wish Mr Yeo to be a free-spirited President who communicates openly and is close to the people on the ground.

Mr Yeo's supporter, Mr Lien We King, said he feels Mr Yeo is very open to new ideas and to meet new people.

"I think that's very refreshing for my generation, (and) even for my parents' generation. Someone who's able to have a sense of the people - that's really important for us."

If Mr Yeo does enter the fray to contest in the Presidential Election, he would be the second candidate from the PAP to do so.

The first being the former MP Tan Cheng Bock. Dr Tan has already resigned from the PAP whereas Mr Yeo is still a member of the ruling party's central executive committee."

From Channel NewsAsia, "George Yeo's reps pick up forms for presidential bid".


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