A-Pop Blush -- Forget the looks, give us the song!!

A-Pop group, Blush: (from Left) Angeli Flores, 19 (Philippines) - Victoria Chan, 28 (China) - Lee Ji Hae, 26 (South Korea) - Natsuko Danjo, 20 (Japan) - Alisha Budhrani, 19 (India)

Can we have your 'undivided' ('Undivided' happens to be the allegedly free song downloadable from the blushband.com) attention, people? Stop ogling (yes, I'm referring to the above screenshot photo of the Blush band website and its gallery section). And start enjoying their music!

Oh wait, you can't...

Screenshot of Blush - Music section

For whatever reasons, there's no Music section. Only coming soon. Strange how the gallery section has a lot of photos (These girls, really. Tsk, tsk...they're so vain?! And they probably think this post is about them. Hah, actually it is. I just miss the song by Carly Simon, You're so Vain.)

Well, so much for a free song 'Undivided'. Hur hur.

FORGET Bieber fever, and brace yourselves instead for a "Blush crush".

Newly formed Pan-Asian girl band Blush - which has been billed as the first A-Pop (Asian- pop) group - has big plans for international stardom, and are making good headway, too.

The quintet were the opening act for 17-year-old Canadian teen superstar Justin Bieber at his Hong Kong concert last month, and are working with A-list Los Angeles producers for their debut album.

They're not shy about coining a term like "Blush crush" either, describing the upcoming phenomenon as "being inspired by the Blush love and Blush power to go after your dreams".

"This opportunity (to be a part of Blush) wasn't handed to us - we worked hard for it and have learnt that it is precious," explained one of its members, Alisha Budhrani. "We hope others will be inspired to follow their passions."

Blush were speaking to my paper at TAB in Orchard Road during a five-day promotional trip to Singapore last week.

The Blush girls - comprising Budhrani, 19, who represents India; Victoria Chan, 28 (China); Natsuko Danjo, 20 (Japan); Lee Ji Hae, 26 (South Korea); and Angeli Flores, 19 (Philippines) - are based in Hong Kong, where they live together.

And they are unabashedly a manufactured group, not unlike the hugely successful 1990s pop powerhouse, the Spice Girls.

Blush are the brainchild of husband-and-wife team Jon and Stacey Niermann of independent production company FarWest Entertainment. The group was formed through a televised talent search, Project Lotus, which saw thousands across Asia competing for a spot in the final five.

But while the sassy fivesome are keen to break into the United States, they will retain their Asian roots, they say.

Their record, to be released by the year's end, will include songs in the girls' mother tongues and also feature traditional Asian instruments such as the sitar. In the meantime, the girls still celebrating their first milestone: the release of their first single, Undivided. The track was co-written by none other than American rapper Snoop Dogg, who will also appear in the song's music video, which was filmed in Los Angeles last month.

On working with Snoop, Flores enthused: "It was a lot of fun, because he's a very chilled-out and down-to-earth guy."

Chan added that the rapper, 39, took the time to chat about "where we're from and what we're doing", and even picked up take-out from one of his favourite restaurants, Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles, for them.

Their next big US appearance is in August, when Blush will perform on reality dance competition So You Think You Can Dance.

Blush are hopeful of being received well in the US, since Asian celebs, such as Filipino singer Charice Pempengco, who has a recurring role on TV show Glee, are doing well.

"There's so much Asian talent out there... We're hoping we'll be able to see that same success," said Budhrani.

Download Blush's single, Undivided, for free from www.blushband.com.

From Diva Asia, "Hey guys, go on - have a 'Blush crush'".

THEY'RE a long way from being the next Spice Girls or Pussycat Dolls, but five Asian women are hoping to take the world by storm in what is being billed as the first pan-Asian girl band.

Blush is made up of five girls from the Philippines, India, China, Japan and South Korea who beat hundreds of other pop star wannabes during a talent search across Asia last year.

After surviving weeks of gruelling training and an elimination process, the five are ready to make a big splash on the music scene - both in the East and the West - as they prepare for the release of their first single in May.

'We are hoping we can get global and touch everyone's heart out there with our music,' Alisha Budhrani from India told AFP in a recent interview as she took a break from dance practice in a Hong Kong studio. 'For us we are really happy that all of our countries can come together through music and we could go out there to show the diversity of Asia, how wonderful it is as a whole.'

'We got real different cultures, languages, dialects and (there are) all kind of crazy things going on in Asia,' said a self-assured Alisha, breaking into laughter with the other four girls, aged between 18 and 28.

The group's bid for superstardom may be a long shot, but they have been supported by an A-list of Los Angeles-based producers who have worked with top names like Lady Gaga, the Black Eyed Peas and Beyonce.

From Straits Times, "First pan-Asian girl band hopes to make world Blush". (22/04/11)


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