Pink Profiles: SGRainbow

We talk to the everyday heroes who make Singapore a better place person by person, day after day. These LGBT support groups will also have a booth (or a picnic mat) at Pink Dot 2011, so come by and say hi!

Who they are:
A youth group that develops and organises social activities for young gay and bisexual men.

What they do:
Social events to raise awareness of the existence of young MSM and to promote their growth as individuals. Their tagline of "Self.Growth.Realise" is advocated and adhered to in all of their programs.

When was it set up:
June 2008

How to get in touch:
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SGRainbow is a non-profit independent activities-based social group for young gay and bisexual males aged 18 to 25. Its mission is to provide a platform - through social settings and activities - for gay and bisexual youths to grow as individuals and to help raise awareness of the existence of gay youths and the relevant issues affecting gay youths. SGRainbow also actively highlights HIV/AIDS awareness with young MSM (men who have sex with men).

We sat down with Thu Yain (left) and Md Hafiz (right), senior executives for SGRainbow, for a chat

What motivated your involvement with SGRainbow?

Hafiz (H): I was one of the contributors to the online blog 'the rainbow lifestyle' which then shifted into SGRainbow. I felt there was a lack of information for Singaporean gay youth that could help them with their growing up processes. Granted, there was a ton of information on the internet catered to the gay and bisexual youth in western nations like America, but it provides little help to the Asian and especially Singaporean gay youth due to our different cultures and upbringing. That's why I feel there is a need for a platform like SGRainbow and I'm happy to be contributing to its purpose.

How does a group like SGRainbow help gay youths?

Thu Yain (T): Our main event, the Ambassador Hunt, is a social event we organize every year to get gay youths to accept themselves and be empowered in the process. During our first year of being organizers, we witnessed first-hand the transformation of typical teenage guys who go clubbing and shopping into mature, self-assured youths with the desire to be advocates of gay youth issues. The end result took us by surprise. We believe gay and bisexual youths are not apathetic to LGBT discrimination and HIV/AIDS issues, they just need awareness and a platform to voice their concerns.

H: Our other initiative, Check-In, is like an orientation around Singapore for gay and bisexual youths who are just coming to terms with their sexuality and are not aware of the various gay-friendly locations and screening centers in the country. Pink Dot is one of the locations that we're going to introduce during Check-In!

What do you envision next for SGRainbow?
T: We hope to organize a bigger and better Ambassador Hunt next year. With the number of our sponsors steadily increasing every year due to our group's growing credibility, we think it can be a possibility.

What are you wearing and/or bringing to Pink Dot?
H: We are bringing our very own pink mascot, printed on our t-shirts.

T: And a hidden weapon. I can't tell you what it is, you'll have to find out yourself on June 18th!


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