Phoebe Hui: The nude photos are mine!

I swear I have not seen the photos yet. (Not for lack of trying to google 'Phoebe Hui nude photos' or 'Phoebe Hui naked'. Hur hur.)

But what I believe the nude photos were well taken. After all, as Phoebe Hui claimed that they were intended "as a remembrance of her youth". How old is she by the way that she's trying to immortalize her naked youth in the perpetually alive Internet?!

Shall follow up this incident with great interest. Hur hur. Till then I know many of you are ogling at Phoebe Hui's not naked photos in this May Daily post, "34-D belle loses phone, vital statistics all over web".

Meet Asia's answer to Hollywood actress Blake Lively - Phoebe Hui.

A collection of nude photographs featuring the busty Hong Kong model has gone viral in the cyberspace.

Hui, the proud owner of D-cup breasts, admits that she's the person in the photos and that the nude shots leaked online after she lost her cell phone.

While some speculate that this is nothing but a gimmick, Hui denied it, saying that she lost her phone in a mall on June 17.

"I really didn’t expect the photos to be leaked as my cell phone is protected by password," she explained.

She said she took the photos for fun and as a remembrance of her youth.

"I hope everyone don’t take my photos too seriously. Many female celebrities overseas are doing this," she said.

Nevertheless, she is concerned that her personal data might be leaked and is considering seeking assistance from the police.

From Asiaone, "Nude shots of HK D-cup model leaked".


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