Part 2: SIA stewardess raped in HK??

So the second article of the alleged rape has revealed more info & clarification than the first post, "SIA stewardess raped in HK??".

A Nepalese waiter is in court for raping a Singapore air stewardess in Hong Kong, according to the Shin Min Daily News.

The suspect is 21-year-old Gu Lun. He admitted to having sex with the 23-year-old stewardess after his arrest, but claimed she was the one who initiated sex and 'flashed her chest at him'.

He has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

The two met at yacht party on June 27 last year, when the stewardess was on an annual trip to Hong Kong to visit her relatives.

The Chinese daily reported that one of the stewardess' friends who took the stand said after she got very drunk, her friends brought her to rest in one of the yacht's cabins.

When one of them returned 15 minutes later however, she found the door to the cabin blocked by the suspect's twin brother, Gurung Ram.

His twin brother has also been charged with assisting the rape.

The friend managed to push her way through and found Gu lying on top of the stewardess.

According to the friend, Gu got up and said "sorry", before leaving the room,

Not a party girl

In court, the air stewardess denied that she is a "party girl".

In cross-examining her, Gu's defence lawyer also pointed out that she said she woke up at 11am the next morning, but records showed that text messages were sent from her phone at 8am.

He alleged that in the same vein, she could have forgotten what she had said or done the night before as well.

The stewardess broke down on hearing this and a break had to be called before the trial continued.

Last July, local media reported that a Singaporean exchange student had been raped six times by three Nepalese men on a yacht.

She had met them earlier at a pub in Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong's famous nightlife district.

But subsequent reports clarified that the victim was not a Singaporean.

From Asiaone, "Waiter accused of raping Singapore air-stewardess in Hong Kong".


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