Overstaying in Singapore for 273 days & abandoning her baby...


It's a story about a 27-year-old Indriani who came to Singapore to work as a domestic worker and ran away after 4 months and survived later on as a prostitute.

She gave birth and abandoned her baby.

The punishment of a 10-week jail and the fine $2,000 is very much light! Harsher punishment ought to be given. If the newborn baby was not discovered soon, he/she could have been dead.

A former Indonesian maid was on Friday jailed 10 weeks and fined S$2,000 for abandoning her newborn baby at the rooftop garden of a multi-storey carpark, and for overstaying in Singapore for 273 days after her S-pass expired in July last year.

Investigations revealed that 27-year-old Indriani had arrived in Singapore in March last year to work as a domestic worker.

After four months, she ran away from her employer's residence. She later resorted to prostitution, and gave birth to the baby, a boy, at around 2am on April 18, at the rooftop garden at Blk 31A Eunos Crescent.

She then dug a hole and placed the newborn in it, before tying a plastic bag around his neck.

The baby was found alive later that day when 60-year-old retiree, Mr Tay King Sia, heard the baby crying.

The woman was arrested near Eunos MRT Station on April 24, less than a week after she abandoned her baby.

The baby has since been placed in foster care and has fully recovered from the incident.

From Channel newsAsia, "Mother of abandoned "Eunos baby" jailed 10 weeks, fined S$2,000".


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