OMG/NSFW ... Meng Qian molested on live TV?!

From the screenshot, it's commendable how fast the lady in the dark tried to sweep away the guy's hands whereas the hand with a mike promptly hit the guy's head. Heh. And no, I don't think Meng Qian looked so happy and high when she was being groped--it's afterall on live TV!!

Well, you have to see the video yourself to intrepret her expression: here.

For those who snigger that the molester doesn't have a good taste, please be aware that this 27-year-old Meng Qian is truly a babe to the extent that she's dubbed "China's No.1 Boobs Goddess". The three photos below will attest that well-deserving title. Heh.

The photos are from various sources from the Net. Just google for "Meng Qian".

She is an angel, is she not? (Hey, she's no angel, if you believe in the 4 photos featured in China Buzz claiming that Meng Qian was caught holding hands with a middle-aged businessman at Beijing Auto Show to purchase luxurious cars...)

Busty Mainland actress Meng Qian was sexually molested on live TV by a passionate fan unable to resist himself, reported May Daily through Sohu website.

Dubbed "China's No.1 Boobs Goddess", the 27-year-old Beijing-born beauty has become super popular since appearing as a guest host on "Lady Guagua", a top-rated talk show on Star TV.

On the set of the latest edition of the show, a male member of the audience asked for Meng's signature and appeared to want to shake hands with her.

However when he approached his idol, he suddenly grabbed Meng's breast, who was wearing a sexy low-cut dress.

The fan was immediately tackled by one of Meng's bodyguards.

With a reported bust of 38C, Meng Qian is often linked to Hong Kong star Chow Yun Fat as his goddaughter.

From Yahoo! News, "Meng Qian molested on live TV".


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