Obedient (Singaporean) Wives Club is probaby the Joke of the day...

Cannot believe my eyes when I read about how three Singaporeans will pioneer a local branch of the controversial Obedient Wives Club (OWC), which was originated from Malaysia.

I immediately sms-ed my lady friend/colleague to warn her not to let her husband join this nefarious club.

She replied me back that perhaps in a twisted way, this OWC may just be the solution for Singapore "No to Rape" campaign. (The campaign is about a protest because in Singapore, raping your wife is not treated as rape. Read more about it in No To Rape page, Frequently Asked Questions.

I'd just highlight one of the FAQ:

8. Is it possible there are religious grounds for this marital rape exemption?

It has been suggested that the marital rape exemption exists in order to strike a balance between visions of marriage as a “sacred” institution and visions of marriage as a “secular” institution. However, Singapore is a secular society. Our laws are not dictated by religious doctrines but rather by our shared values and interests. Various religious leaders in Singapore also support removal of marital rape exemption, for example:

Bhante Dhammika of the Buddha Dhamma Mandala Society:

…Marital violence, including marital rape, would be completely contrary to everything the Buddha said concerning the ideal marriage – that a husband and wife should ‘honor and respect’ each other, that they should ‘come together in harmony and out of mutual affection’ and that one should ‘cherish one’s spouse and child’…

The Reverend David Burke of Orchard Road Presbyterian Church:

The Apostle Paul teaches that husbands and wives are to treat each other with respect and mutuality […] Forcing her to have sex (whether physical, verbal or emotional force) is incompatible with this. [Marital rape and other rape are both] severe forms of wrongdoing that are sins against God and a harm to the woman involved. Both violate the woman and both involve the use of force to inflict the man’s selfish desires in a most personal area. Neither is compatible with the Christian faith.

The No To Rape petition has also been signed by religious leaders including Father Paul Staes of the Catholic Church and the Rev. Dr Yap Kim Hao.

I do wish prominent Muslim leaders--or in that matter, other religious leaders--in Singapore also signed up this "No To Rape" petition. Or if they already did--so far 3,618 have done so--the webmaster of "No To Rape" to update its FAQ soonest.

Since I cannot tell whether my colleague was joking or being sarcastic in that sms of hers, I have decided not to reply. You know what they say about "silence is the most powerful scream."

Yes, I am barely able to resist the urge to call my colleague & scream at her outrageous idea!

Make my day, dear Readers. Sign the Petition.

Oh wait, the Petition is already closed--only the blog "No To Rape" stays updated. The joke's on me. :(

Anyway, soon I'm afraid I'll have to blog a follow-up post for "'We Do Not Want Sexist Nonsense From Global Ikhwan Sdn Bhd' (or Down with the Obedient Wives Club!!)", especially after there are more Singaporeans joining this Obedient Wives Club.

Till then, do not expect any more publicity about this mad club from me!!

Three Singaporeans have taken it upon themselves to pioneer a local branch of the controversial Obedient Wives Club (OWC).

Dr Darlan Zaini, a literature professor, Hamidah Ari and her brother, Azman Ari, are representatives of the newly-formed club in Malaysia that teaches wives to be more subservient to their husbands.

The OWC has been slammed by critics everywhere, saying that it degrades women by saying that it is the wives' duty to make love better than "first-class prostitutes" to solve familial problems.

According to The New Paper, Dr Darlan believed that with obedient wives, husbands are more likely to behave themselves and would be more responsible towards their families.

The 7o-year-old said: "Some people agree, while others don't. More importantly, we believe that obedient wives can avoid various detrimental social problems such as prostitution, divorce, gambling, domestic violence and others."

Already, ten families have indicated their interest in joining the club.

But former registrar of Muslim marriages Tarsuni Maulan has reservations about the group.

He told the same paper, "Did the OWC base its findings on research or hearsay? I'm just concerned that by making such statements (on how wives should treat their husbands), it would make men big-headed and give them a free rein to mistreat women."

Last week, the OWC, set up because some felt that the increasing divorce rates were due to 'disobedient' wives, became the ridicule and amusement ever since it was launched in Rawang, Malaysia.

Its international vice-president, Dr Rohaya Mohamed, said that wives should be encouraged to be more subservient to their Muslim husbands.

From Yahoo! News, "S’poreans set up local ‘Obedient Wives Club’".


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