The Obedient (Malaysian) Wife Club

Really, who is this Ms Maznah Taufik?! She set up the latest incredible club called the Obedient Wife Club and earlier she had involved in the launch of another unbelievable organization namely Ikhwan Polygamy Club.


A GROUP of Malaysian Muslim women say they will fight divorce, domestic violence and other problems - by appealing to wives to be more obedient, one of the organisers said on Friday.

Ms Maznah Taufik said 'The Obedient Wife Club' being launched on Saturday is aimed at drawing women who will be taught how to please their husbands better to prevent them from straying or misbehaving.

'We just want to ask all the wives to be obedient wives so that there will be fewer problems in our society,' such as infidelity, divorce and domestic violence, she told AFP.

'Obedient wife means they are trying to entertain their husbands, not only taking care of their food and clothes,' Ms Maznah said. 'They have to obey their husbands. That's the way Islam also asks.' Malaysia is a Muslim-majority country, with some 60 per cent of the population practicing the religion, alongside large ethnic Chinese and Indian communities who are mostly Buddhist, Hindu and Christian.

According to local media, the country's divorce rate doubled from 2002 to 2009, with rates higher among Muslims than non-Muslims.

Ms Maznah said it was also the men's responsibility to teach their wives to be obedient. 'Some wives, they just want to get married for leisure but they don't know the responsibility,' she said.'To entertain their husbands is compulsory. If she doesn't do this, the husband will look for another woman... and the house will break down.' Saturday's launch near the capital Kuala Lumpur will include speeches and a show to demonstrate to women how to be good wives, Maznah said, adding that a similar club was set up in Jordan last month.

From Straits Times, "Malaysian women launch 'The Obedient Wife Club'".

Maznah is already involved in another controversial venture -- the Ikhwan Polygamy Club, which was launched in 2009 to promote polygamy. Muslim men in Malaysia can take up to four wives.

She is herself in a polygamous marriage, as the second of her husband's two wives.

In 2010, a study by a Muslim activist group found men in polygamous relationships find it difficult to meet the needs of all their wives and children, and that the result is often unhappy and cash-strapped families.

Partially quoted from Yahoo! News, "Malaysian women launch 'The Obedient Wife Club'".

Wives who “obey, serve and entertain” their husbands can help reduce social ills such as prostitution and domestic abuse, according to members of The Obedient Wife Club.

The Club, to be launched Saturday by Global Ikhwan Sdn Bhd, aims to teach wives how to keep their husbands happy and contented.

Global Ikhwan, an organisation founded by former members of the banned Al-Arqam Islamic group, also launched the Ikhwan Polygamy Club two years ago.

Global Ikhwan spokesperson Siti Maznah Mohd Taufik said that many social ills were caused by disobedient wives who failed to bring joy to their husbands.

“Domestic abuse happens because wives don't obey their husband's orders. A man must be responsible for his wife's wellbeing but she must listen to her husband,” said Siti Maznah in an interview on Friday.

When asked whether it was the wife's fault for being abused, she said: “Yes, most probably because she didn't listen to her husband.”

Siti Maznah, 48, also stressed that husbands would not stray and turn to prostitutes if wives supplied them with a satisfying sex life.

She said women had the duty of making themselves attractive and dressing up beautifully at home.

“Wives should welcome them with sexy clothes and alluring smiles when in the privacy of their homes,” she said, adding that she herself did the same as everyone in the club practised what they preached.

Siti Maznah, a second wife and mother to five children, said she treated her husband's first wife like her elder sister.

“Altogether, we have 16 children in our household. My husband is a happy man, you can see it from his actions,” she said.

According to her, the Ikhwan Polygamy Club now has over 1,000 members comprising both husbands and wives. The average number of children per polygamous household ranges from four to 26.

Siti Maznah admitted that husbands were not perfect and it was natural for disagreements to occur, sometimes.

“We can have discussions and disagreements. We don't just keep quiet when we don't agree with our husbands,” she said.

However, as long as husbands did not go against Islamic law, their final word was law, she said.

From the Star, "‘Wives can curb social ills like prostitution by being obedient and alluring’".


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