NSP Secretary General Goh Meng Seng steps down | Will Nicole Seah step up as the next NSP Secretary General?

So is this news official? I've just checked the NSP website, "National Solidarity Party | My Voice My Choice" and nothing is mentioned about Mr Goh Meng Seng stepping down from being the secretary-general.

Kinda perplexing on why the supposedly official news is not mentioned 1st in the official website of the party.

Instead it's merely based on a blog post titled, "Political Sabbatical" published in Mr Goh Meng Seng's personal blog, "Singapore Alternatives".

The post was published this morning at 09:50 AM. Quoted as follows:
I am stepping down from Secretary General of National Solidarity Party from today onwards.

It has been an exciting 1 year and 4 months of leading NSP as SG in its preparation and contesting in the last General Elections. There are "crisis" like NEA summon which I have to manage. But I am glad that we have managed it very well by NOT paying up the fines, else the impact would be unimaginable... can you imagine ALL opposition parties being banned from selling our publications and newspapers during our weekly regular outreach? It was a TOUGH but RIGHT decision and judgement made. A very important lesson and experience for all of us.

I have mixed feelings about the GE results NSP has achieved during my tenure as SG. It is the BEST electoral result that NSP has achieved since its inception but it is still not up to my expectation of winning seats in parliament. This is one of the small regret I have so far.

I will NOT be contesting for a seat in the NSP Central Executive Committee as well. I will go into Partisan Political Sabbatical for at least 2 years. I feel that as the outgoing Secretary General, I should refrain from staying in the CEC so that I would not be seen as undermining the authority of the New SG under any circumstances. But for the time being, I will still stay as a Congress member of NSP.

I will leave behind a stronger and better platform for my successor as well as Singaporeans who wish to contribute to the opposition movement to work on.

10 years in politics is a very tiring process. There is one saying, 1 year in politics is just like 10 years in life. It is very true indeed. But looking back at my initial motivations to get into partisan politics, I guess the two key missions I have set out to achieve, have been accomplished; though they might not be directly achieved by me.

The first mission is to break the hegemony of PAP power by breaching the first GRC. I believe that once the first GRC falls into opposition hands, there will be rapid changes which will create a more balanced system. This has been accomplished by Workers Party in GE2011.

The second mission is to bring justice to my generation of people who are so adversely affected by the so called "Asset Enhancement Scheme" created by the Goh Chok Tong administration. I feel that NSP has provided a good platform for me to elaborate on the ills of such irresponsible scheme which promotes GREED in the guise of "asset enhancement" but in actual fact, will cause great wealth disparity across generations. GE2011 is a very special event which allowed me to elaborate on the ills of the insane Asset Enhancement Scheme which was coupled of false sense of affordability of HDB flats propagated by the PAP.

Thus I should safely say that if I have to quit politics altogether now, I will gladly do so PROUDLY. I could finally tell my children and grandchildren wonder stories about my political involvement in Singapore in future!

However, the biggest regret I have during my tenure of SG is the death of my eldest brother in the tour of duty of helping me out during GE2011. His death has provided much grief as well as inspiration for me during this period.

What will I be doing during this Political Sabbatical period?

In the coming couple of months, I will try to help Mr. Tan Kin Lian out in his Presidential Campaign as much as possible. This will be just another small effort on my part to try and institutionalize REAL checks and balances in our political system.

I could be looking into getting myself involved in various international NGOs where I could further practice and enhance the Core Values of Democracy, Social Justice and Human Rights. I am currently looking into the World Problems of Refugees.

I could also be looking into more business opportunities else where so to earn more money to provide enough financial support for my late brother's family.

I could even be setting up a think tank with some other people who are interested in providing non-partisan policy views.

Whichever the case, I think it is about time to take stock of my future directions now. This timely Political Sabbatical will provide me the necessary breather to do just that.

Someone may ask me whether I will be back to stand for the next GE. Honestly, I have no answer to that now. It will depend on situations there and then.

But for my readers of this blog, I will still write periodically about my various thoughts whenever I have the inspiration to do so. Especially so for the coming couple of months, I will be writing more on the Presidential Elections.

I wish to thank all my supporters for all these years. Some of you have been truly great to me.

Last but not least, I also wish to thank my colleagues in NSP who have given me the support and opportunity to serve and lead the party for the past year.

Goh Meng Seng

It is a loss.

Considering I didn't really blog much about Mr Goh (very few posts on him here), I must admit my ignorance reading the Wikipedia article how impressive he is (Check out the Wikipedia article, "Goh Meng Seng" - specifically on the section of "Political Career").

Now that he's left, will Nicole Seah be the next Secretary General of NSP? Perhaps. Anything for a publicity that she is going to be the YOUNGEST secretary general of any political party in Singapore. Yeah. Possible, huh?!

THE secretary-general of the opposition National Solidarity Party (NSP) announced on Sunday morning that he is stepping down from his post.

Mr Goh Meng Seng, 41, said in a blog post that he will be taking a two-year sabbatical and will be resigning from both his leadership position and the party's central executive council (CEC).

Mr Goh, who became NSP secretary-general in February last year, said he had 'mixed feelings' about the party's performance in the recent general election.

The party, which fielded the most number of candidates among the opposition, scored its best electoral result since it was founded in 1987. However, it failed to win any seats in Parliament.

Mr Goh, who will remain an NSP congress member, said he had some plans for his two-year break. Besides helping aspiring presidential candidate Tan Kin Lian with his campaign, he may look into working with non-governmental organisations or setting up a think-tank.

Mr Goh, who runs his own business, may also look into more business opportunities to help provide for the family of his late eldest brother David Goh. Mr David Goh was his brother's principal election agent in Tampines GRC and died in the early days of their campaign.

From Straits Times, "Goh Meng Seng steps down as NSP Secretary General".


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