Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Oh Mothers, you deserve much more than this!!

I read the following 2 Straits Times article published today with mixed feelings. Mostly with anger & disgust.

In the first story, a mother was forced to parade naked through a Pakistani village. Guess what is her crime? Merely because her sons were accused of sleeping with a married neighbour!! See the logic? No? Neither do I.

(Unless it's of course the mother who's accused of sleeping with a married neighbour. Hmm...that is nasty! Hur hur. But do allow me to insist that it still doesn't warrant such a barbaric treatment of being paraded naked.)

In the second story, a mother diagnosed to have moderate post-natal depression is subject to investigation concerning the death of her five-month-old baby girl--her third child. This was the second death in her family as the second one, a three-month-old boy was allegedly to have been accidentally dropped onto the concrete ground and died two days later in 2008.

What disgusts me is that despite knowing the mother to be suffering of the moderate post-natal depression, there is yet another child born in the family. A (so far still living--thankfully!) nine-month old.

Read more about this post-natal depression in Wikipedia, "Postpartum depression", you will come across the symptoms. And you just have to feel sad to the mothers who suffer such a depression.

To pursue the matter against this particular mother is unthinkable, especially as she is still taking care the youngest (and still living) child. What she needs at the moment is help & understanding, instead of further stressful series of investigations & court dramas.

A PAKISTANI mother has been forcibly paraded naked through a village after her sons were accused of sleeping with a married neighbour who became pregnant, police said on Tuesday.

Pakistan is a deeply conservative Muslim country, where women, especially in poor, rural areas, enjoy few rights, have little protection from the police and are often treated as commodities by their relatives.

The incident happened after neighbour Mohammad Salman grew suspicious that the woman's sons slept with his wife in Neelor Bala village, 100km north of Islamabad, said a police official.

The enraged neighbour and his brothers went to confront the suspects, who were identified only as Rashid and Kazim, but they had fled, leaving behind their mother.

'They dragged her out, tore up her clothes and forced her to walk naked on the street,' the police official said. 'No one has come to lodge a formal complaint. Police registered a case themselves after receiving reports from local residents,' he said.

An investigation is underway and two people have been taken into custody for questioning, he said.

From Straits Times, "Mother paraded naked in Pakistani village".

A COUPLE'S five-month-old baby girl - the second child to die under the mother's care - was the subject of a coroner's inquest on Tuesday.

The baby girl who had non-accidental injuries was pronounced dead at National University Hospital on Oct 27, 2009, five months after she was admitted in a comatose stage.

The baby girl was the couple's third child. Their second boy was three months old when he died in March 2008. The mother had claimed that she was carrying him on the way home on the evening of March 28 that year when she was startled by a fast cyclist and dropped the child onto the concrete ground. He died two days later.

In the latest case, the infant's 28-year-old mother - a science graduate - testified that she could have injured her baby while performing cardio-pulmonary resuscitation on her on July 31, 2009.

The baby girl, who developed high fever the night before, had vomitted when fed with milk and became weak and unresponsive. When the baby failed to respond to CPR, an ambulance was called. She had also admitted to hitting the baby on the lower limbs and pressing her abdomen 'very hard' as she had colic. Upon admission, among the baby's injuries were swelling on the left side of her brain, bleeding in both eyes, liver lacerations and old rib fractures.

The court heard that the baby's mother was diagnosed to have moderate post-natal depression in 2009. The couple's eldest son, aged four, and youngest, a nine-month-old, are now with the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports. The hearing continues.

From Straits Times, "Baby had non-accidental injuries, court told".

PS. The title of this post is inspired by these songs: "Bohemian Rhapsody" (by Queen) & "Oh Mother" (by Christina Aguilera).


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