Facebook Anti-Singapore?!?!

No, don't expect me to post a screenshot of this Facebook page called, "Anti-Singapore". Actually I did intend to, at least just to show that there're merely 133 'likes'. Heh.

So why a sudden interest about things against Singapore? Well, let's just say this ridiculous clown in New York City (featured in STOMP article below) somewhat intrigues me & makes me wonder what else the world is against Singapore. Heh.

This man has been spotted walking around Times Square in New York City, holding up a sign attacking Singapore and our prime minister, apparently after losing his job here.

It seems like that he has been doing this for weeks, judging from the numerous emails STOMP has received about the man from various STOMPers.

Editor's note: We have masked out most of the words on the sign, as they are libellous and offensive. Some of the accusations made against Singapore are also patently absurd.

One of the STOMPers who have written in to STOMP to express their displeasure over the man's actions is JJLim. He said he saw the man while on holiday in New York City.

He said:

"My wife and I were on holiday in New York when we saw this strange guy near Times Square, New York.

"Holding a self-written cardboard, he displayed unfounded accusations at our Prime Minister and our nation.

"When we claimed that his accusations were false, he brushed us away and walked off.

"Coming back to Singapore, we still could not understand why would someone thousand miles away accuse Singapore like that.

Another STOMPer, Edwin, said the man had apparently lost his job in Singapore.

He found these comments posted about the man, online:

"Weird man in Times Square. Talked to him and thinks he's just unhappy with losing a job in Singapore and tries to paint a bad impression to the tourists at Times Square.

"...he's weird. I went to talk to him to find out more about him. He lost his job in Singapore and could not find another in SEA, so he's being a bum."

"That's so retarded! Spreading false accusations too.

"Seems like that guy hasn't yet found a job in the US either."

From STOMP, "FT who lost job in S'pore protests with sign against PM and nation in NYC Times Square".


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