Edison Chen new sex scandal with Gloria Wong?!

Gloria Wong admits dating Edison from 2003 to 2005, and would often meet the Romeo late at night when he made booty calls. Source: here. True or false?

Edison Chen invited his ex-girlfriend for sex. For old times' sake? Sheesh...

What a way to create publicity! And yes, I'm referring to the both of them actually: Edison Chen & Gloria Wong.

On one hand, Gloria Wong is accused to create publicty for her upcoming pictorial book. On the other hand, the bad boy Edison Chen...needless to say, more publicity (bad or worse) is always good for him.

What I'm curious, though, is that Gloria Wong chose not to mention about the indecent proposal by Edison in her blog (alivenotdead.com/gloriawong/blog.html).

Oh well...

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By maintaining his bad image, Edison Chen has successfully secured himself a spot in the scandal-hungry media. Heh. It does get boring soon though, doesn't it? Guess that's why he constantly reinventing himself...by getting himself into more scandals. Right.

EDISON Chen, who was involved in a sex photo scandal with several female artistes, invited his ex-girlfriend for sex.

Nanyang Siang Pau reported that the star contacted lingerie model Gloria Wong via MSN Messenger.

He first asked the woman what she was doing and said he was staying at a hotel.

He then wrote: "I was going to see if you want to **** me." But later explained that he meant "seeing him".

Chen apologised twice after the woman did not reply.

Wong, who dated Chen between 2003 and 2004, said she refused to have sex with the singer-actor because he had a girlfriend at that time.

Chen has recently been in the news after meeting ex-girlfriend Cecilia Cheung on a plane and the two are said to have reconciled, three years after the sex photo scandal.

According to reports, Cheung is rumoured to be splitting with husband Nicholas Tse.

From Asiaone, "Edison Chen invited ex-girlfriend for sex".

Hong Kong singer-actor Edison Chen is once again embroiled in a sex scandal - this time, with Hong Kong lingerie model Gloria Wong.

Chen had recently denied rumours that he once dated Wong and said he had "never contacted her".

Days later, Wong went on television and publicised raunchy internet chat messages, which she claimed were sent by him, reported Hong Kong media.

Among the messages from "EDC" - Chen's alleged online moniker – was one which explicitly propositioned Wong for sex.

"He is not telling the truth.

"He can say that we were never together, and let everyone think that it was one-sided love on my part."

"But I cannot accept it when he said that he does not know me," said Wong, during an appearance on a Hong Kong television show on Thursday.

The model, who claimed to have been in a steamy relationship with Chen from 2003 and 2005, said she was "shocked" by Chen's refusal to admit that he knew her.

However, some observers believed that Wong kissed and told because she needed to create publicity for her upcoming pictorial book.

They pointed out that Wong herself had previously denied knowing Chen, but suddenly changed her tune days later and claimed they had been dating.

Wong had since denied that she is exploiting Chen's fame and explained that she had earlier lied to protect Chen.

From Channel NewsAsia, "Edison Chen battles new sex scandal".


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