Dr Tony Tan the Government's preferred Presidential candidate? Perhaps. Perhaps not.

Interesting nugget of information from Wikipedia on Dr Tony Tan Keng Yam: In the late 1980s, Dr Tan was Lee Kuan Yew's first choice to succeed him as Prime Minister of Singapore, but he declined.

Also interesting to highlight from the same article:
Unusually for a PAP Minister, Dr Tan clashed with his colleagues and then-Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew over issues such as the Graduate Mothers Scheme, under which the children of mothers without university degrees received lower priority when registering for primary school. Dr Tan, then Minister for Education, advocated abandoning the policy, which was ultimately scrapped.

He also took the lead in espousing a cut in CPF in the 1980s, which Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew had said would not be allowed except “in an economic crisis”.

More recently, he was the most high profile member of Cabinet to question the introduction of “integrated resorts” (i.e. casinos) to Singapore. Speaking in parliament on the matter, East Coast GRC MP Tan Soo Khoon said: “It is probably the first time that I have heard Cabinet Ministers, starting with no less than the Deputy Prime Minister, Dr Tony Tan, expressing divergent views on a single topic.”[13] Commenting on a Community Development, Youth and Sports Ministry survey of gambling habits, Dr Tan had said he was “appalled” that a newspaper headline dismissed the number of likely problem gamblers as insignificant: “I don't think it's insignificant. Every Singaporean is important. Every Singaporean that gets into trouble means one family that is destroyed. It cannot be a matter of small concern to the Government.

...which comes under the heading of "Clashes with Cabinet colleagues".

With all the above, is this for real that Dr Tony Tan will be the Government's preferred candidate? I somehow doubt it...

WITH former foreign minister George Yeo deciding not to run for President, observers believe that Dr Tony Tan will be the Government's preferred candidate for the election due by Aug 31.

The key reason: The 71-year-old former deputy prime minister is amply qualified for the job and has the personality to match.

He is known to older Singaporeans as a man with a strongly independent mind, who has stood up to prime ministers on key policy issues such as the graduate mothers' scheme in the 1980s, which gave priority in school registration to children of graduate mothers, and more recently, the entry of casinos into Singapore.

Former Member of Parliament Joe Conceicao, 87, a one-time ambassador to Russia and Indonesia, said: 'Now that Mr Yeo is not running, Dr Tan may feel it is his duty to come forward, given his high qualifications and his background in finance.'

Dr Tan is currently deputy chairman and executive director of the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation (GIC), which, together with Temasek Holdings, manages Singapore's reserves.

He is also chairman of the Singapore Exchange-listed Singapore Press Holdings (SPH), a post he has held since December 2005 after retiring from the Cabinet.

From Straits Times, "Tony Tan seen as likely candidate".


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