Don't mess with Roxanne Dawn; this US Playboy Bunny-deejay is one killer bunny!!

When I said 'killer' in the title, I'm referring to the definition of 'extremely difficult to dealt with'.

Roxanne Dawn. A US Playboy Bunny-deejay. A perplexing story full of contradiction. Thus I chose to highlight in red and blue to show how contradicting the account by the involved parties were.

(The photo in the left is by the way from the New Paper, "Model-DJ swears off Singapore". Credit of the photo: Lance Craig.)

It ought to be a grim day for Singapore when she declared that she will never set foot in Singapore again and that her deejay friends are going to do the same.

Wow. She must be a really influential deejay, huh?

Sorry, Roxanne. This thought just dawns on me: What a BIG loss for Singapore...Not!!

Thumbs-up for her, though, that she's not totally eliminated 'Singapore' from her website, "DJ Roxanne Dawn" ( Check out the screenshot below:

Playboy the Rabbit/Drift Race Event

To be fair, I'm not just annoyed with Roxanne Dawn.

What's the deal with the chief executive of VIP Luxury Inc, Ken Ho?! From the article, it seems to imply that he was the one who informed the police to her alleged drug use. Courtesy of his 'reliable source'.

What a waste of the police time!

And I do agree that Roxanne Dawn ought to sue Ken Ho for defamation. (Drug use? What drug use?!)

But hey, if she indeed is suing Ken Ho (or the company VIP Luxury Inc), does that not mean that she'll be visiting Singapore again? Whatever happens to her oath of not ever stepping foot in Singapore again?! No, the use of wheelchair throughout her next visit won't count!

IT WAS meant to be her glittery debut performance in Singapore.

But it ended in a no-show and an ugly dispute, with fingers being pointed and the police called in amid accusations of drug-taking.

Now US Playboy Bunny-deejay Roxanne Dawn swears she'll never set foot in Singapore again.

The buxomy deejay claimed her gig at last Saturday's VIP Rock The Rabbit Festival at the F1 Pit Building was abruptly cancelled at the last minute by the organiser.

Among other things, she also alleged she was yelled at, pushed and "touched inappropriately" by three men at the event.

Now Dawn, 34, said she intends to sue local event organiser VIP Luxury Inc for emotional and physical distress, as well as defamation of character.

VIP Luxury Inc, in turn, claimed she had refused to play and is seeking a refund from her agent.

Speaking over the phone yesterday from Los Angeles where she lives, Dawn told The New Paper that her hotel stay had also not been paid for, as otherwise stated in the contract between her and VIP Luxury Inc.

She was also accused of taking drugs in her hotel room at Park Regis Singapore.

Explaining what happened that night which led to her no-show, Dawn said a VIP staff member had taken her to a restaurant to have dinner at about 8pm, even though she was told her set was scheduled at 8.30pm.

She said: "At the restaurant, I kept asking about my set and wanted to return to the venue as soon as possible. But I was told we weren't in a hurry."

The 4 1/2-hour long party, which kicked off at 7.30pm, was held in conjunction with the two-day VIP Formula Drift Singapore 2011 race held over the weekend at the same venue.

By the time Dawn and a staff member got back to the venue at 10.30pm, she couldn't start playing because a Serato box, which is a digital driver for turntables and was essential to her deejaying, had not been set up.

"When everything was finally in place (at about 11.30pm) and I was about to take my spot, a guy grabbed my shoulder and shouted 'You're cut.'"

She wasn't given an explanation and claimed she was even yelled at and pushed by Mr Ken Ho, the chief executive of VIP Luxury Inc.

Mr Ho, 42, denied doing so when The New Paper contacted him.

Dawn, who first posed naked for Playboy when she was 18, also claimed she was "touched inappropriately" by three men.

But each time, she politely got herself out of the situation. She believes they are from the organiser's side.

One even pulled her so close to him that their faces were just a few centimetres away - and this happened a few times, said Dawn, who wore an off-shoulder black top and leggings to the event.

"It's not okay to treat me like this. Just because I posed for the magazine doesn't mean people can treat me rudely.

"Playboy always treats the girls very well and will never put girls in dangerous situations," she added.

On Monday night, Park Regis Singapore hotel informed her that the police were on their way to the hotel to investigate her alleged drug use in the room and she was not allowed to return to her room until the investigation was over.

The police confirmed with The New Paper that they received a call on Monday at about 9.55pm requesting for assistance at Park Regis Singapore hotel.

A police spokesman said: "Upon police's arrival, it was established that a woman in her mid-30s and a man in his early 40s were having a dispute that arose from this specific accusation. The parties involved were advised accordingly."

Dawn said the police found nothing suspicious after interviewing her at the hotel and did not go to her room to check.

All this while, she regularly updated her Twitter account as she wanted to document her whereabouts. Dawn, who returned to LA on Tuesday morning, said the incident had left her emotionally and physically distressed.

She added: "I rarely drink alcohol and am allergic even to aspirin. I do not do drugs. This is very serious. They basically tried to get me hanged.

"Ask anyone and they can tell you I'm very easy to work with. The reason I'm still with Playboy after so long - which is rare - is proof of my professionalism and easy-going character. Playboy doesn't put up with ill-tempered girls."

When contacted, Mr Ho of VIP Luxury Inc said Dawn held off playing as she was freezing and hungry.

He claimed the technical rider list (a list of technical requirements) he was given did not include the missing Serato box.

"She was supposed to start spinning at 10.30pm, when the party was in full swing, but got back from dinner just minutes before that.

"She stood outside and complained it was too cold for her to play. By the time the Serato box had been set up, it was nearly midnight. She still refused to play."

He added: "All this time, I was playing music from a CD. Then a local deejay took over. I did not yell at her. I never laid a finger on her."

Mr Ho pointed out that the hotel stay had already been paid for, but the company wasn't obliged to pay for any extra charges incurred such as room service as Dawn had received per diem allowances before she arrived.

Her performance fee and return airfare were also paid ahead of her arrival.

As for informing the police to her alleged drug use, Mr Ho said he was alerted by a reliable source that she may have done so in the hotel room.

'Inaccurate account'

Luxury Media Inc - which publishes Singapore's edition of Playboy magazine, VIP, and VIP Luxury Inc is its events management company - is aware of Dawn's "inaccurate account of her short stay in Singapore" on Twitter, its chief executive Mr Raymond Khoo told The New Paper in a press statement.

It wants a refund and is in contact with Dawn's agent, Ms Michelle Levy, from deejay booking agency At Large Entertainment, in the US.

But Dawn, who said she was still "shaken" by the whole episode, insisted she had done everything she was told to do and still doesn't understand why she was treated the way she was.

She said she was freezing and hungry only during her first visit to the venue, and not just before she was supposed to start her set.

She also insisted she had listed the Serato box in her technical rider list.

As for VIP Luxury Inc wanting a reimbursement,Dawn said: "I saw only 30 to 40 people at the party. I think they just don't want to pay because they ran an unsuccessful event."

About 500 guests, which include dignitaries and top businessmen, were invited to the closed-door event, VIP Luxury Inc said.

Dawn told The New Paper that she is never stepping foot in Singapore again and said her deejay friends are going to do the same.

She later tweeted that she "(does) not feel safe (in Singapore)".

Dawn also yesterday tweeted that the US Embassy issued "a travel warning for Americans travelling to Singapore".

But a check on the US Embassy website did not indicate such a notice.

From Asiaone, "Playboy Bunny-deejay says she'll never return to S'pore".

MOTOR-RACING fans can look forward to a thrilling combination of howling engines, screaming tyres and a party-like atmosphere, as the fourth edition of Formula Drift Singapore returns to the Formula One Pit Building track on June 11 and 12.

Organised by ESPN Star Sports (ESS) Events Management, with the support of title sponsor VIP Luxury, the event promises to be more than just a motoring spectacle, with an exciting line-up of music artists to entertain the crowd late into the night.

World-famous international Playboy models and DJs Roxanne Dawn and Diamond will be spinning the hottest tracks to keep fans entertained.

Partially quoted from Asiaone, "Enjoy roar of engines and music at Formula Drift S'pore". (19/05/11)


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