A 'Virgin' Dewi Persik: the latest oxymoron

Remember Madonna's song, "Like a Virgin"? The chorus of the song echoes when I read how Dewi Persik, who's possibly the hottest Indonesian singer, is reported to undergo hymenoplasty, or surgical restoration of the hymen.

Like a virgin
Touched for the very first time
Like a virgin
When your heart beats
Next to mine

Gonna give you all my love, boy
My fear is fading fast
Been saving it all for you
'Cause only love can last

Dewi Persik feels like a brand new woman, the article says. I feel she's completely out of her mind.

And I'm not alone in thinking that way.

From Jakarta Post, "Dewi Persik feels like a virgin", a sharp comment by devine against Dewi Persik:

After 3 divorces she still feel like a virgin... if you go to a surgeon every time you will still be a virgin when your 60 years old. Better you visit a shrink next time... your cute but no brains!

Well, actually she went through 2 divorces: one was with singer Saiful Jamil and another with actor Aldiansyah Taher. After that she was hooked with actor Nicky Tirta, but then broke up.

And the following comments from Yahoo! News article about her, I'd consider the best 3 remarks. Heh.

1. From Bx:
Once you are married and had relationship with a husband, you are no longer a vrigin. Once you have a sexual intercourse with your husbad or any aother guys you are no longer a virgin. You can patch with any glue or tighten it up you still no longer a virgin. Please admit the fact and the truth.

If someone wants to married a divorcee let him married you for your heart not for your virginity. He should know better that marrying a divorcee she will not be a virgin unless she did not have any sexual relationship with her former husband for what ever the reason be.

So go for the heart not whether she is a virgin or not. Please Ms Dewi Persik don't give the crap that you feel a virgin actually internally you are not.

2. From Asia Michael:
her story reminds me of those children traffickers did when they sell children prostitutes to those angmos in thailand and other countries like indonesia. Every time the child was sexed, he or she will be sew up to make his manhole tight, her vagina like virgin, juts like what this divorcee says. So eveytime she was sexed, she gets sew-up and feel like new. such depraved minded teaching similar to malaysia obedient wives club. Performed better than the prostitute. Deception of the devil.

3. From Peter:
seriously, is she retarded?

To answer the above question. No, I don't think she's retarded. But I must express I'm sincerely wondering about her state of mind. No, not about why she posed topless & somehow had her topless photos spread like a wildfire in the Net (which she graciously admitted that the photos are genuine)--actually the photos are quite artistic, I'd say.

It's more about how she's still smiling while being groped by her fan & the photos taken which truly amazes me. One of the photos below.

I mean, yes, she may be being a professional. Very professional. Too professional that she didn't have a heart to disappoint her eager fans' wandering fingers???

That will not make her retarded. Just her having some 'unorthodox' thinking. Like to indirectly insult her future husband(s) with the statement that she may be a divorcess, but physically she's still a virgin and that she does not want to disappoint her future husband.

She makes an assumption that Indonesian guys (Yes, Dewi Persik once declared that she prefers local men) are so narrow-minded. What a laugh!

The controversial Indonesian dang-dut singer Dewi Persik feels like a brand new woman. She has just had hymenoplasty, or surgical restoration of the hymen, popularly known as virginity surgery.

The 25-year-old told kompas.com recently that she had undergone the surgery after going on a pilgrimage.

"I may be a divorcee, but physically I am still a virgin," the two-time divorcee said proudly.

Dewi added she went through with the surgery because she did not want to disappoint her future husband. The procedure took place in Egypt, she said.

The singer is currently single after breaking up with her boyfriend, actor Nicky Tirta.

She divorced her previous husbands, singer Saiful Jamil and actor Aldiansyah Taher.

From Yahoo! News, "Controversial Indonesian singer Dewi Persik feels like a virgin".

Dangdut singer Dewi Persik has once again provided fodder for gossip hungry punters in town, with topless pictures of her doing the rounds of the world wide web last weekend.

The 25-year-old singer confirmed she was the model in the photo.

“Yes, that is me. It’s an old photo. I forgot when the picture was taken,” she said as quoted by inilah.com last weekend.

Dewi also added that the picture was very private, therefore she was shocked it had found its way into the public arena on the net.

“I do like to pose like that with my long hair covering my breast. It was for fun,” said Dewi.

She apologized however to the people who may have been offended by the nudity in the photo.

From Jakarta Post, "Dewi Persik apologizes for topless photo".


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