Chiam See Tong: "I am not No 5"

Oh yes, the title of this post is somewhat influenced by the previous article, Presidential Racer Mohammed Raffi: "I Am No 4".

What I like to read is how the former opposition MP Mr Chiam See Tong is humbly acknowledging that it's unlikely he will qualify to run for the Presidential race and how he will focus on serving Singaporeans in his present capacity.

That is admirable. Really.

Former Potong Pasir opposition MP, Mr Chiam See Tong, has given his clearest indication that he will not be contesting in the forthcoming Presidential Election.

In an SMS reply to queries by the media, Mr Chiam said he is touched and thankful for the regard given by Singaporeans and supporters that they have even collected the Presidential Election documents and passed them to him.

Nonetheless, Mr Chiam said he feels that it is unlikely he will qualify and hence he will focus on serving Singaporeans in his present capacity.

Three people turned up at the Elections Department on Thursday and collected the form, but they did not identify themselves to the media.

It was later reported that the group had handed the form to Mr Chiam in Potong Pasir on Thursday night during one of his meet-the-residents sessions.

From Channel NewsAsia, "Former MP Chiam See Tong not contesting Presidential Election".


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