A Case Study for President candidates and for you, you and you...

The case study is based on the true, sad story of a woman who threatens to set herself on fire outside Istana.

If you're the President, will you (choose one):
a. call for the police yourself to stress the urgency of immediate action against this illegal attempt of suicide

b. escape swiftly from Istana (Your first priority is afterall to stay alive for your nation! And hey, who knows if this crazy lady has some hidden explosives despite her figure-hugging dress?! You don't know, do you?).

c. patiently wait (surely not unlike the case of spontaneous human combustion, this firestarter lady wouldn't bring harm to the Istana!).

d. abruptly stop all your Presidential duties, go outside the Istana, grab the lady's can of lighter fluid & pour remaining oil on your head and insist to be aflamed together with her (your crazed enthusiasm will definitely defuse her will to die!).

e. get the song, "Eternal Flame" blasted loudly in the Istana's PA system with the hope that the crazy lady will recall the long forgotten memory of love & romance with her husband, which then leads to her deciding to keep on living (Assumption: the song is popular enough even in China! Note to self: google for "Eternal Flame mandarin version").

f. None of the above; so please do specify your own answer.

Option a, b, c, d, e or f.

Which course of action shall you choose?

I'm especially interested to hear from the Presidential candidates. I doubt they come across this humble blog of mine, though.

But if you're the President wannabe, and if you want to exercise your creative, lateral thinking, how will you react and/or handle this situation?

Disclaimer: the above options are of course my tongue-in-cheek take of this otherwise tragic incident. The choices (well, except for 'f'-- that is, your own answer) should not be taken seriously and they are, in no way, meant ever as an insult to any President (past, present or future).

A woman from China threatened to set herself on fire outside the Istana yesterday afternoon.

According to a Shin Min Daily report, the woman, known only as Madam Zhang, was unable to get a refund of her daughter's school fees from a private school.

In an act of desperation and wanting to ask help from officials, she stood outside the Istana, threw a can of lighter fluid on her head and waved a lighter about, threatening to set herself ablaze.

The guards outside the Istana immediately called the police who arrested and brought Zhang to Tanglin Police Station for questioning. The 43-year-old is currently out on bail.

From Yahoo! News, "Woman threatens to set herself on fire outside Istana".


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