This slumber's been long and sweet
Tucked in a blanket of great cowardice
I am just a dreamer behind these linen sheets

Sleep's like opium to my weary bones
Seemingly a mute medicine, a cure
That quietly numbs my senses' moans

In oblivion I taste the honey-heavy dew* of rest
Unaware that in the stillness of my being
I decay and digress

This slumber's been long and sweet
Pressed against a mattress of the mundane
I am just a dreamer whose visions are vain

Please rub the sleep off my eyes
Awaken me to the love which death, it defied
Move my lethargic soul
Make it tremble
Hurl it to a worthy goal

Shake off an accustomed stupor
Stir up my heart
For what it's beating for

Interrupt this aimless dreaming
Greet me with the rousing heat of the sun
Like a new summer morning

*William Shakespeare (1564-1616)


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