Yohanna Ong: Miss Pole Dance Singapore 2011

Yohanna Ong or Hanna - Winner of Miss Pole Dance Singapore 2011"

Never heard about the event? (Neither did I) Well, do check out the official website of the event, Miss Pole Dance Singapore.

I'm curious on how many contestants were there in this contest. Pity the "Contestant" page of the website is still under construction.

It will also be interesting to find out whether Naoko Enomoto, the previous year winner of Miss Pole Dance Singapore was also competing for this year event. Be amazed at her performance in the Semi Finals of the International Pole Championship 2010:

Naoko Enomoto - Entry for International Pole Championship 2010

Indonesian Yohanna Ong became Miss Pole Dance Singapore 2011 on Saturday evening, April 30.

Nearly 500 fans turned out at nightspot dbl O, for the second installment of Miss Pole Dance Singapore.

The event is part of an annual series of pole dance competitions that take place worldwide, with the winners coming together to compete for the global Miss Pole Dance title.

Yohanna danced her way to victory with an amazing display of athleticism, rhythm and aerial moves that brought respect and top marks from the judges in what was a closely contested event.

The Indonesian, who is also a trained figure skater and who is now studying to be a counselor, commented "I'm absolutely thrilled with winning and really wasn't expecting to be placed so high with so much talent performing tonight.

"Hopefully awareness of competitions like this will encourage more people to take up pole dancing as a form of art and dance".

Dancing to 'Bella's Lullaby' to secure her win, Yohanna takes over the Miss Pole Dance Singapore title from Naoko Enomoto, who was the winner of the first competition staged in Singapore in 2010.

Linna Tan, director and principal instructor at Bobbi's Pole Studio Singapore and the Miss Pole Dance Singapore organiser, said, "Yohanna was outstanding tonight as were all of the girls competing.

This is only the second year that the Miss Pole Dance Singapore competition has been held and already we can see how we are gaining traction and interest for this to become a major event in Singapore.

Dancers like Yohanna continue to help put pole on the map in Singapore".

In second place was Lena Grzegolec from Australia, and in third place I'ling Noela Yee from the USA (both of whom now live in Singapore).

The contestants originated from Australia, Indonesia, Singapore and the USA to ensure a truly international line-up.

The panel of judges included Bobbi herself - founder of Bobbi's Pole Studio and worldwide and creator of the Miss Pole Dance competition event.

Other judges included Ivan Heng and Glen Goei, directors of popular theatre company, W!LD RICE, as well as celebrated Singaporean choreographer, Sheena Seah.

Miss Pole Dance Singapore 2011 featured a single competition category - Solo.

Prizes were awarded to the first, second and third placements with contestants judged on several criteria that include the execution of their aerial pole moves, dance ability and showmanship.

Glen Goei, competition judge and one of Singapore's leading film and theatre directors, said, "From a judging perspective, this was a close one to call.

"The talent on display tonight was simply amazing. Pole dancing is something fairly new to Singapore, and is a great way to work out.

"For me too, it's very sexy to watch - and to judge! I think I'll be trying it myself just as soon just as a suitable instructor steps forward!"

Bobbi, founder of Bobbi's Pole Dance Studio in Australia and a trained Cabaret Showgirl who lived and performed in Tokyo before moving to Sydney, kicked off the evening in suitable style, performing an exclusive opening number with Chilli, International Pole Dance Fitness Association (IPDFA)-nominated Instructor of the Year 2010 and host for the evening.

Bobbi, who hails from Sydney in Australia, commented "It is so good to be back in Singapore for the second Miss Pole Dance Singapore competition.

"Singaporean dancers have gifted talent and will present a formidable challenge to those on the global pole dance stage.

"I love the fact that Singapore and Singaporeans are embracing pole dance as a great way to get fit….and to have some fun at the same time".

From Asiaone, "Indonesia's Yohanna Ong wins Miss Pole Dance Singapore 2011".


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