Who - and where - is Denise He?

The name 'Denise He' has since appeared often after Ms. Tin Pei Ling 'clarified' her alleged comment during Cooling-off day in her Facebook that it was done by Denise He, who's one of her Facebook administrators (how many really did she have such task force?!).

But who is this Denise He actually? And where is she now? Why hasn't she surfaced to the media to tell her side of story? No, I didn't mean to insinuate that TPL was lying. Denise He can always--and should have done so earlier--give an interview to any mainstream media and to support TPL's statement that it's indeed her (Denise) who posted that comment. Especially now when a police report has already been lodged against Ms. Tin.

Her silence has so far done nothing to help TPL & only led to some hilarious Facebook account, "Denise He (FB Admin)" in which it's said that Denise He is a 'Fictional Character'.

Another exercise in 'creativity' is the twitter account of "Denise He OooOooOooh".

All the 2 above are for sure not the real Denise He's accounts.

So we're back to the very first question: who is Denise He?

A quick google leads to the following 3 'at-least-this-refers-to-a-real-person' accounts:
- Denise He of Facebook

- Denise He of LinkedIn

- Denise He of Twitter

Any of the above 3 refers to the 'right' Denise He in this case? Or none of the above? I don't know...(Cue for the X-Files theme song)

PS. My attempt to google for 'Denise He blog' so far does not lead to conclusive findings. Darn, is she not elusive! Heh.


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