UDL Marine or Haosen Marine - Shipyard Blast??

Two foreign workers killed in the blast. The name of the shipyard was not really mentioned in the news article except that it's 'a shipyard in 3 Benoi Road'. Google maps reveal that it's UDL Marine (Singapore) Pte Ltd.

The only specific company name reported is Haosen Marine Pte Ltd which occupies the incident site. Upon checking Yellow Pages, it's confirmed that Haosen Marine address is indeed at 3 Benoi Road.

So which is which? And why does it matter?

Two lives were lost in this very sad, unfortunate accident. And don't tell me we can't even get the name of the shipyard is right?!

(Update PortNews is more specific in its Breaking News: "At least two workers are reported dead in an explosion at shipyard in Singapore this afternoon. According to local reports two workers died in an explosion on a barge belonging to Haosen Marine. The explosion was reported to have taken place at No.3 Benoi Road at 13-30hrs. No.3 Benoi Road belongs to UDL Marine.")

My heartfelt condolences to the family of the departed victims.

An explosion at a shipyard in 3 Benoi Road, resulting in the death of at least two people.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) said that the incident involved a barge undergoing maintenance work at the shipyard. A SCDF spokesman said the two were pronounced dead by paramedics at the scene.

The Manpower Ministry has identified the two as a 43-year-old Malaysian and a 20-year-old Bangladeshi.

They were working on the barge when the blast occurred at around 1.20pm, after the workers had just returned from their lunch break. There were also some workers at the shipyard who suffered minor injuries due to the blast, but no one was hospitalised.

The deceased Bangladeshi is Hassan Mainul. His uncle said Hassan came to Singapore just three months ago.

He said: "That time when they called, I cannot believe myself. How come? Only last Sunday, I saw him. He is a very innocent boy, innocent face and he is very handsome, very handsome boy. He finished intermediate and higher secondary, I brought him here for a job, to [have a better life]. Now he is gone. I really cannot believe it."

The Manpower Ministry has ordered a stop to all work at the incident site, which is occupied by Haosen Marine Pte Ltd. Preliminary investigations by the ministry showed that the two workers were assigned to conduct checks for leaks on one of the barge's tank compartments.

Both the SCDF and police said they received a call about the incident at about 1.30pm. SCDF dispatched two fire engines, two fire bikes, one ambulance and two other support vehicles to the scene.

The intensity of the blast also affected buildings nearby. A witness Channel NewsAsia spoke to said the explosion broke some glass panels in her office across the road.

It also caused a ceiling panel to collapse but no one was injured.

The witness, who wanted to be known as Mandy, added that the ground shook when the explosion occurred.

Another eye witness, 34-year-old Adrian Lee who was in the area for a meeting about four factories away from the explosion site, said he saw people running out after the blast caused a roof to collapse.

He said: "I was at a neighbouring unit at number 3 Benoi Road when I heard a loud explosion. Went out, I saw the roof collapse, people running out. Minutes later fire engines came, that was the sequence."

Another eyewitness, Eugene Chua, said: "At 1.20pm today, we heard a very loud explosion. So the rest of us in the company evacuated because there was a lot of ceiling coming down. And we had to leave our office. It felt like an earthquake. It was very tremendous. Our instincts took over and we had to get out of the office."

There was a twisted pile of metal within the premises and a writ of possession/eviction was pasted on the gate of 3 Benoi Road.

It states that the occupiers of the building have to vacate the premises by 9.30am on May 16.

From Channel NewsAsia, "Explosion at Benoi Road shipyard kills two".

Two foreign workers, a Malaysian and a Bangladeshi, were killed during a powerful shipyard explosion at Benoi Road in the Jurong area on Thursday afternoon.
Both workers are reported to be from Haosen Marine Ptd Ltd. They were pronounced dead when paramedics arrived at 1.31pm.

The Ministry of Manpower has identified the two casualties to be a 43-year-old Malaysian Malay and a 20-year-old Bangladeshi.

Yahoo! Singapore understands that the two workers were working on a barge that was undergoing maintenance work when a powerful blast took place.

It's believed that one of the two deceased workers was welding a hole in the barge when the resulting heat from the operation sparked a powerful explosion that ripped through the barge. It's believed the blast was caused by the build-up of pressurised air which was not released before the welding operation began.

Witnesses Yahoo! Singapore spoke to at the scene and who were working in a nearby building said the blast was so powerful it caused the Malaysian worker to fly from the barge, over a building and into another workshop. They said the deceased Bangladeshi's body was badly mangled, and that some of his limbs had detached from it.

The powerful blast also caused the metallic walls of the building beside the barge to be torn apart. Sources told Yahoo! that fortunately, the rest of the team of workers supposed to be at the barge were inside the building attending a safety briefing.

Others working at a marine equipment workshop in the same building quickly ran out of the building after they heard the explosion happen. One said he was still dizzy and still reeling in shock from what had happened. His car, alongside another and a lorry, was damaged from the impact of the explosion, with its windows severely shattered.

40-year-old Jayanthi Maniam, who runs an oil and gas business, went to Benoi Road right after hearing about the accident. She said she has some marine equipment stored at the same site worth several hundred thousand dollars, but had not been allowed in to check on them.

"I don't know if my equipment is safe," she said. "I haven't had the chance to go in there to see, and I guess I'll only know the extent of the damage when I do."

Her sister, Doris, runs a marine repair workshop and has several family members working there.

People working near Benoi Road said they felt the whole stretch "shake like an earthquake". Building windows adjacent to the accident site were also shattered, and refineries across the pier were evacuated after alarms were triggered from the vibrations caused by the accident.

Netizens also reacted swiftly to the news.

Many took to micro-blogging platform Twitter to describe what had happened.

Twitter user @atypicalhuiyi tweeted: "Whole office shook when the explosion at the shipyard in Benoi Road happened. I feared for my life but I fear more for those working there."

From Yahoo! News, "Two killed in shipyard blast at Benoi Road".


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