To Abdul Razak Hamid: "Please Mr Postman cum Molester, don't anyhow touch!!"

Never realised the song "Please Mr Postman" can have a sinister tone to it, especially if it's related to the latest case of a serial molester Postman Abdul Razak Hamid.

He's been charged with SEVENTY-THREE counts of molestation. The offences were dated back as far as 20 years ago. That means to say, he's been at least a postman for 20 years!! And have been spreading terror to his victims ever since.

The victims are said to be girls between 5 to 11 years old!

May this guy once proven guilty (sure, it's still a label 'alleged') is thrown to jail and not ever set free. Not ever!!

AN ALLEGED serial molester has been charged with 73 counts of molestation and two other offences.

Postman Abdul Razak Hamid's alleged offences date back to as far back as 20 years ago when he was 32.

Now 52, he is alleged to have molested girls aged five to 11 in various parts of Singapore at mostly staircase landings and void decks near to the letterboxes.

He surrendered himself to the police on April 27 following a police appeal for information of two outrage of modesty cases involving two young female victims.

At times, the victims were allegedly molested by him more than once. In some cases, he molested siblings.

He was remanded at Institute of Mental Health for psychiatric examination.

His next court date is May 27.

From Straits Times, "Man faces 73 molestation charges".

A 52-year-old postman has been charged with molesting young girls all across Singapore for the last 20 years.

Abdul Razak Hamid's offences started when he was 32 as he allegedly began molesting girls aged from five to 11 at staircase landings and void decks near to the letterboxes.

In some cases, he molested some of his victims more than once. In total, he was charged with 75 counts of molestation.

According to The Straits Times, Hamid committed his acts at random, striking at different housing estates in Singapore, including Katong, Yishun, Sengkang, Bedok, Circuit Road and Ang Mo Kio.

One of the fresh charges against him accused him of penetrating a six-year-old girl on a staircase landing in a block of Aljunied flats last May.

Hamid came forth and surrendered himself to the police on 27 April.

From Yahoo! News, "Postman charged with molesting 52 girls".


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