Syahrini hot photos - Beware of the bad translation!!

Hot photos of Syahrini specifically refers to her photo on bed wearing nothing but a skimpy blue lingerie (I guess), and a photo of her being intimately embraced by 3 guys (Use your imagination).

I use the word 'specifically' as there are a lot of her hot photos. Three of them as follows (Source from the Net):

By the way, do not believe everything you read in the Internet. Especially if the article has gone through a translation process. For example the original article of VIVAnews in Bahasa Indonesia titled, "Foto-foto Panas Syahrini Tersebar di Internet" stating the name of the singer 'Glenn Fredly' which somehow when translated in English it becomes 'Barry Manilow'. Right...

The main problem I notice is indeed when it concerns about names. Other stubborn effort to translate names caused 'Anang' to change to 'Anand' and Krisdayanti to 'Kris Kristofferson'.

Well, at least the sexy singer's name, 'Syahrini' was not wrongly translated.

After a busy preaching about the feud with Anand, Syahrini back to being the spotlight. Kali ini tak ada hubungannya dengan mantan suami Krisdayanti itu, melainkan soal foto-foto seksinya yang beredar di Internet. This time nothing to do with ex-husband Kris Kristofferson, but the matter of her sexy photos circulating on the Internet.

Sejumlah foto yang menggambarkan Syahrini sedang berpose liar beredar di dunia maya. A number of photographs depicting wild posing Syahrini circulating in cyberspace. Ketika dikonfirmasi soal foto-foto tersebut, Rani, adik sekaligus manajer pelantun 'Kau Yang Memilih Aku' itu mengaku sudah mengetahui soal foto-foto tersebut. When asked for confirmation about the photos, Rani, the brother of the singer as well as managers 'You Have I' was admitted already know about those photographs.

"Saya tidak mau berkomentar. Itu orang yang tidak bertanggung jawab. Tujuannya apa?" "I do not want to comment. It's people who are not responsible. What goal?" kata Rani saat dihubungi VIVAnews, Minggu, 15 Mei 2011. Rani said when contacted VIVAnews, Sunday, May 15, 2011.

Di beberapa foto yang tersebar luas itu tampak Syahrini berpose mengenakan pakaian menggoda. In some photos it looks Syahrini widespread posing wearing seductive clothes. Di salah satu foto, misalnya, penyanyi 'Aku Tak Biasa' itu sedang terbaring di atas kasur mengenakan lingerie berwarna biru. In one photograph, for example, the singers 'I'm Not Normal' is lying on a bed wearing blue lingerie. Sedangkan pada foto lainnya, Syahrini berangkulan mesra dengan tiga pria. Meanwhile, in another photo, Syahrini intimate embrace with three men.

Ada juga foto Syahrini sedang menggelendot di pundak penyanyi Glenn Fredly, Keduanya memamerkan senyum. There are also photos on the shoulders Syahrini being menggelendot singer Barry Manilow, both showing a smile. Bahkan, ada juga foto yang mempertontonkan Syahrini hanya berbalut handuk. In fact, there are also photos that show just wrapped a towel Syahrini.

From Google Translate of VIVAnews, "Hot photos Syahrini Spread over Internet".


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