Ratatouille sighting at Toa Payoh HDB Hub foodcourt??

When I read about how a large rat was seen at the foodcourt. I can imagine the amazed look of Admin executive Fion Song (who's agile to snap the photo of the rat) somewhat like the scene in the animated movie, "Ratatouille". Heh. Screenshot below:

This large rat was spotted at a chicken rice stall in the Koufu foodcourt at Toa Payoh HDB Hub last Thursday (May 5).

Admin executive Fion Song saw the rat last Thursday evening, and snapped photos of it. She was buying pastries from a stall nearby and the three staff members of the pastry shop also noticed the huge rat, along with a fellow customer.

After the rodent was spotted, the food court management and the stall operator immediately activated their pest-control operator. The rat was caught, and the remaining food on display was discarded and the showcase was disinfected.

The National Environment Agency (NEA) checked the premises the following day (May 6). They "found signs of rat infestation in the stall and several hygiene lapses -- food waste on the floor, a dirty food chiller and an uncovered refuse bin".

The spokesperson from the NEA also told My Paper:

"NEA will be taking enforcement action against the stall operator for the rodent infestation and hygiene irregularities. The Housing Board has also been alerted to check for rodent infestation elsewhere in (HDB Hub).

"We will monitor the situation in HDB Hub closely and, if need be, require all stakeholders to step up control measures."

According to a Koufu spokesperson, Koufu carries out pest-control checks on all its food outlets every month, as well as general checks three times a day. The chicken-rice stall operator has been given a stern warning and their tenancy could be revoked should another such incident happen.

From STOMP, "Huge rat stuns patrons at HDB Hub foodcourt".


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