Pwned??? Nicole Seah - cooling-off day restrictions apply on polling day as well.

Fantastic post by Nitrile from in the forum, "Nicole Seah - cooling-off day restrictions apply on polling day as well".

He/she said "why u go post on your wall?" with the accompanying screenshot allegedly from Nicole Seah's facebook:

In addition to that, "she also posted at 12.01 on cooling off day:"

Quite an irony considering her lodging a complaint against Tin Pei Ling for comments posted on her facebook. At least Tin Pei Ling claimed that the remark in her facebook was posted by her administrators. (This ought to be the risk of outsourcing your Facebook account. Heh.)

THE Elections Department on Saturday morning advised an opposition party to file a police report if it wanted to take the matter further, after it raised complaints to the department that Cooling-Off Day rules were flouted.

The National Solidarity Party, in an e-mail letter on Friday, said that it had been informed a People's Action Party booklet had been distributed in Tampines on Friday - a designated day when campaigning, including canvassing and distribution of material is not allowed.

Its secretary-general Mr Goh Meng Seng added that PAP candidate Ms Tin Pei Ling or someone acting on her behalf had also posted a comment responding to her opponent's remarks on her Facebook social networking page.

Under the Parliamentary Elections Act, political parties and candidates, with certain exceptions, are not allowed to campaign on Cooling-Off Day, so that voters are allowed to reflect and make their own rational decisions before going to the polls the next day.

Contravention of the rules are offences punishable by a fine, jail time or both.

Speaking to The Straits Times, the NSP said it would follow up with a police report, but after its Polling Day activities.

From Straits Times, "NSP advised to make police report".

The People's Action Party (PAP) candidate for Marine Parade Group Representation Constituency (GRC) Tin Pei Ling said she had not posted anything on her Facebook page on Cooling-off Day.

All candidates who are contesting in the General Election are not allowed to campaign on Cooling-off Day, a day before Polling Day.

Ms Tin said on Thursday May 5, her Facebook page carried a "clarification" on reports that a MacPherson resident had been refused help for her child's tuition fees.

The resident had asked for a refund.

The MacPherson Zone B Residents' Committee said the deposit of S$80 cannot be refunded.

But netizens circulated on Friday a screen capture that showed a comment posted on Ms Tin's Facebook.

The comment said: "OooOoooOooh so that's what REALLY happened? Wow. I think tears in Parliament is worse than ANYTHING ELSE!"

The comment was however removed within 20 minutes.

When contacted, Ms Tin told Channel NewsAsia she was alerted to the comment when some of her friends called her shortly after it was posted.

Ms Tin said she found out it was one of her administrators, Ms Denise He, who had mistakenly made the post.

"She wanted to post the comment in her personal capacity, and she was using her mobile phone. But she didn't realise that she had inadvertently posted as my profile rather than her own ... It was an honest mistake," Ms Tin said.

Ms Tin asked her administrator to remove the comment immediately.

She added that she had earlier given strict instructions to her team of administrators not to make any postings on Cooling-off Day.

Her administrators help her to upload photos of her walkabouts on her Facebook page.

From Channel NewsAsia, "Tin Pei Ling clarifies Facebook posting on Cooling-off Day".


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