Pritam Singh was the only worthy candidate of WP rally at Yishun Stadium

Yeah. Since I've snapped many photos of the event, you must be wondering whether I was listening to any of the political speech by Workers' Party speakers yesterday. I did. None to my interest, except this one speaker, Mr. Pritam Singh. Here's the YouTube clip of his speech at Yishun Stadium for Nee Soon GRC:

And this is his speech at Aljunied GRC Rally on 29 April.

In a rally on Sunday, the Workers' Party (WP) candidate for Aljunied Group Representation Constituency (GRC), Pritam Singh, suggested that Foreign Minister George Yeo run for president when the Presidential Election is held later this year.

He said this would ensure that Mr Yeo, the leader for the People's Action Party's (PAP) team in Aljunied GRC, would still be able to serve Singapore.

Mr Singh said: "In the next few months, Singapore will host another election, the Presidential Election. I strongly recommend that George Yeo contest in the Presidential Election. In that way, George Yeo will still be part of the government of Singapore and Senior Minister Goh (Chok Tong) can relax.

"But I have another solution for Senior Minister Goh. Maybe the best losing candidates in the PAP can be allowed to stay in Parliament as NCMPs."

On a separate issue, Mr Singh said that the WP plans to come up with a fresh approach to improve the educational performance of the Malays and other minority races, if the WP is voted into Parliament.

He said that statistics have shown that the performance of Malay students has not improved with regards to other races.

Mr Singh said: "My fear is that the Malay community, and even other communities like some members of the Indian community, will be stuck in a trap that we cannot get out of. In spite of tuition grants and bursaries, it appears that no one is brave enough to say 'this may not be working, let us relook at things, let us come up with a new plan'.

"For the immediate terms, we need a comprehensive reappraisal of the education performance of minority students in Singapore. To the PAP, I humbly say to you, it cannot be business as usual."

Meanwhile, the WP rally had some light-hearted moments.

Mr Singh drew laughter from the audience when he drew on the tiger analogy used to describe the Foreign Minister.

He said: "Today I read Straits Times, and I was surprised to read the comments of Mrs Jennifer Yeo, the wife of Minister George Yeo. She said 'who dares to kill my tiger, will have to deal with me'.

"My fellow Singaporeans, I promise you the WP is not interested in killing any tigers. According to SM Goh, the quality of government will go down if George Yeo loses but like many tigers around the world, it appears as if George Yeo is being treated like an endangered species!"

From Channel NewsAsia, "GE: WP's Pritam Singh suggests George Yeo run for president".


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