Police Report against Tin Pei Ling

Straits Times' photo of Tin Pei Ling + Gouache effect

A screenshot of the police report here.

It finally has come to this. A police report lodged against Tin Pei Ling. What a distraction to the new MP when she's supposed to focus in taking care her ward.

Oh well, whoever raised the police report, please ask yourself: Is this really worth it? You yourself won't score point, you know.

Anyway, in the Comments section of the Straits Times article, "Police report lodged against Tin Pei Ling", I noticed the first comment by 'mutucurry' & his/her other passionate posts against TPL:

If there has been a breach, pleading that the posting was done by a proxy will not exonerate the person from guilt. ACCOUNTABILITY IS THE NAME OF THE GAME, FRIEND.

If there was an earlier report lodged by NSP why was there such a long silence until this new police report.

Posted 7 hours ago. Time of penning this blog today: at about 1515 hrs.

Hi Walter Soon - Relax not so soon. Since a police report has been made we should let the investigation takes its course. If there is a breach but does not lead to her expulsion from parliament the person concerned may face disciplinary action by her party. How PAP handle this matter, I suppose will be part of the package of their repentant process to win over the public's faith in the party.

They should not shy away from calling for a by-election if they deem the severity of the case warrants it.

Posted 5 hours ago.

Hi Mameekim,
As responsible citizens all of us have our responsibilities to help move our society and country forward. My spirited participation is not aimed at any individual least of all to drive anyone to the edge or to suicide. I think it is the worst insult that we can inflict upon Ms Tin PL is to suggest that she is at the verge of suicide because of the current adverse attention she is subjected to. TPL is made of much stronger stuff and we must not underestimate her resilience.

Posted 43 minutes ago.

And no, I won't include the comment by 'Weird' eventhough he/she is very nice to include my blog URL of the post, "Pwned??? Nicole Seah - cooling-off day restrictions apply on polling day as well" when a question was raised about "How come nothing is being done about this?". Heh.

A POLICE report has been filed against Marine Parade GRC MP Tin Pei Ling for allegedly posting a comment on her Facebook page on Cooling-off Day, when candidates in the recent General Election were not allowed to campaign.

A police spokesman confirmed last night that a report had been made and they were looking into the matter. The spokesman did not provide details of the report or who had lodged it.

But The Straits Times understands the complaint was filed by a member of the public. The incident has its origins in a similar complaint the National Solidarity Party (NSP) e-mailed to the Elections Department on May 6 - Cooling-off Day - about a comment posted on 27-year-old Ms Tin's Facebook page.

The comment, circulated by Internet users in a screen capture, read: 'OooOoooOooh! so that's what REALLY happened? Wow. I think tears in Parliament is worse than ANYTHING ELSE!'

The post was removed about 20 minutes after it was posted. It was in apparent reference to Ms Nicole Seah, who was part of the NSP team contesting in Marine Parade GRC against Ms Tin and her People's Action Party team.

Ms Tin had told The Straits Times at the time that the comment was mistakenly posted by one of the administrators manning her fan page, and not by her.

From Straits Times, "Police report lodged against Tin Pei Ling".

Police have confirmed that a report has been lodged against the MP for Marine Parade Group Representation Constituency (GRC), Ms Tin Pei Ling, for allegedly violating "cooling-off day" guidelines.

The reply from police was given to Channel NewsAsia after it received information on Monday that a member of the public had filed a complaint against the MP.

On Polling Day, the National Solidarity Party's (NSP) Nicole Seah had approached the Elections Department about the matter, but Ms Seah was directed to channel her queries to the Police.

Channel NewsAsia understands the complaint about this issue now seems to have been made by a member of the public.

The complaint was over the posting on May 5, when Ms Tin's Facebook page carried a "clarification" on reports that a MacPherson resident had been refused help for her child's tuition fees.

The resident had asked for a refund, but on May 6, which was cooling-off day, netizens circulated a screen capture that showed a reply posted on Ms Tin's Facebook.

Ms Tin's facebook page clarification had said: "OooOoooOooh so that's what REALLY happened? Wow. I think tears in Parliament is worse than ANYTHING ELSE!"

The comment was however removed within 20 minutes.

When contacted, Ms Tin told Channel NewsAsia on cooling-off day that she was alerted to the comment when some of her friends called her shortly after it was posted.

Ms Tin had said she found out it was one of her administrators, Ms Denise He, who had mistakenly made the post.

She said she asked her administrator to remove the comment immediately.

Her administrators help to upload photos of her walkabouts on her Facebook page.

From Channel NewsAsia, "Police report lodged against Tin Pei Ling over cooling-off day complaint".


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