No Halal Beer, please! You're Muslims & you're in Malaysia...

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Learning a new thing everyday! Today it's about 'halal beer'. For the ignorant consumers (like I am), apparently consuming beer is not forbidden by Islamic law, as long as the content is permissible--not exceeding 0.01 per cent alcohol content.

The so-called halal beer currently sold in Malaysia apparently has alcohol content about 0.5 per cent!

I am more curious to see (and perhaps taste) this halal beer. I'm trying to google for 'halal beer in Malaysia' at least to find out what the brand is.

By the way, for comparison purpose, the leading non-halal beer in Singapore, Tiger Beer has alcohol content of 5%. And the usual accompanying adjective for that 5% figure is 'moderate'. Heh.

Oh, did I mention about The World Muslim Consumer Association Blog has this interesting post, "Halal Beer Today… What’s Tomorrow; Halal Pork?"? They have photos of what I suspect as halal beer. Wait a minute, there's a brand mentioned (in the photo at least): Behnoush.

They dare to claim 'Non-Alcoholic'?!

MUSLIMS in the country are being advised against drinking a type of beer claimed to be 'halal' (permissible) by the distributor because the beverage has been found to contain a higher alcohol content than permitted by Islamic law.

Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Seri Jamil Khir Baharom said the company's claim that the beer contained only 0.01 per cent of alcohol was not true as a laboratory test showed up 0.5 per cent of alcohol.

He said the Islamic Development Department of Malaysia (Jakim) and the state Islamic affairs councils would prohibit the sale of the beverage to Muslims.

'We will consult the Royal Customs Department to seek more information on the matter,' he told reporters after closing a 'Juara Rakyat' programme organised by Padang Serai Umno at the Sungai Karangan public field near on Saturday evening.

A newspaper had reported on Saturday that the 'halal' beer was popular among Muslims and its sale was detected by the Johor Islamic Affairs Department (JAIJ) recently.

The daily had quoted a source as saying that JAIJ took samples of the beverage and found that the drink was produced from various fruit flavours and the alcohol content was 0.5 per cent.

From Straits Times, "Muslims in M'sia advised against drinking halal beer".

Muslims in Malaysia should avoid consuming a brand of beer claimed to be halal as it contains more alcohol than is permitted, a minister in the Prime Minister's Office said.

Mr Jamil Khir Baharom said that despite claims by the distributor that the beer only had 0.01 per cent alcohol content, laboratory tests showed that it contained as much as 0.5 per cent alcohol.

"We will refer (the matter) to the Royal Malaysian Customs Department to get a better picture," Mr Jamil Khir told reporters yesterday.

He added that the Malaysia Department of Islamic Development together with state Islamic councils will take steps to stop the sale of the beer to Muslims.

"I advise Muslims to stop consuming the drink so as to not get trapped in a confusing situation," Mr Jamil Khir said.

It is understood that the sale of "halal" beer, which is becoming more popular with Muslims, was detected by the Johor Islamic Department recently.

The department took samples of the beer to be tested and found that the drink, which comes in several fruit flavours, had a 0.5 per cent alcohol content.

Johor Mufti Mohd Tahrir Samsuddin said the National Fatwa Council had ruled that alcohol content in food and drink should not exceed 0.01 per cent. He said Muslim scholars fixed alcohol content at that level as alcohol could sometimes be produced naturally in food and drink.

The beer, said to be imported from the Middle East, is widely sold in cafes in Malaysia for RM3 (S$1.20) to RM5 a bottle. The Malaysian Insider.

From Today, "M'sia's Muslims advised not to drink 'halal' beer".


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