Nicole Seah: controversy over elections donations

Seriously, why the use of personal saving account for receiving donations meant for an NSP Marine Parade Campaign?

The above is a screenshot from the facebook account of Nicole Seah of the page, "SEEKING YOUR HELP TO DEFRAY THE COSTS & EXPENSES OF THE NSP MARINE PARADE GRC CAMPAIGN".

A few 'negative' comments:
- From Tian XieZai: Nichole just be cautious regarding the stipulated law of obtaining only from Singaporeans as thru ATM , it's impossible to control who transmitted .... please covered yourself against this loop hole !!!

- From James Teo: Nicole online public donation is not permitted you need a license. You may get yourself in trouble. The fact is why your team didn't raise campaign funding before battling with PAP.

- From Ho Khai Leong: Do not use a personal account! still not too late to change the method. This is of paramount importance. a single cent can lend you into trouble.

Are you convinced?!?! Not me...

Not to insinuate anything bad. It's just that a personal account should be meant for personal purpose. A clear line ought to be drawn to separate a personal account and political group saving account.

So what if other candidate did the similar? Two wrongs (assuming this is really legally wrong) don't make a right!

The National Solidarity Party (NSP) and its candidate Nicole Seah have been hit by controversy over election funding.

According to Shin Min Daily, Seah had asked for donations to help her team contest in Marine Parade GRC during the General Election. The amount needed was known to have been more than S$35,000.

The expenses included publicity costs, rental costs for lighting, sound systems, lorries and meeting rooms. The costs were to be borne by the five candidates contesting in the ward.

Seah posted a bank account number, under her own name, and NSP's address on her Facebook page, asking for donations from supporters. Donations could be transferred to the stated account or sent by cheque to the NSP.

However, questions have been raised if this was an appropriate action taken by party candidates.

Ah Soon commented on Seah's Facebook page, "POSB personal account... I won't be surprised if Nicole will leave NSP..."

Vincent Goh expressed his concerns with this method of operation, "How do we know our money does not go to your own pocket? Ridiculous! I rather donate to charitable organizations!"

Seah responded that another NSP candidate, lawyer Jeannette Chong-Aruldoss, is doing the same thing to defray campaign costs.

Seah did not answer her phone when contacted by Yahoo! Singapore.

From Yahoo! News, "Controversy hits Nicole Seah over election donations".


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