New MP 'Fearless' Vikram Nair drank "Dark Water" fm Blk 686B Woodlands

Check out the video, "House Visit to Blk 686B on 18th May 2011" in which MP for Sembawang GRC Mr. Vikram Nair fearlessly led by example to show the water is safe. (Previously the water tank was misused to dump a dead Indonesian maid--may the killer be given dirty water for his consumption!!).

The video has made its way too to Channel 5. Here's the clip:

Well done, Mr. Vikram Nair!

By the way, where were the SDP team for Sembawang GRC? The opposition team led by James Gomez, John Tan, Jarrod Luo, Sadasivam, and Mohd Isa have failed to show that they too still 'genuinely' concern about the estate?

No special appearance, SDP folks? No YouTube clip to show you too have guts to drink the water & thus, help educate the residents that the water is safe? Can't be bothered, eh?

MP FOR Sembawang GRC (Admiralty) - Vikram Nair - will be holding a block forum and dialogue with residents of Block 686B Woodlands Drive 73 to assuage their concerns on the water that they are consuming.

This, after the body of a dead domestic worker was earlier found in the block's water tanks.

During the dialogue, which will be held at the block itself, senior officers from the Sembawang Town Council and the national water agency PUB will be on hand to engage the residents and answer questions.

The discovery of the domestic helper's body on May 16 led to the water mains being immediately shut down that day. The water supply was restored the next day after the water storage had been sterilised. The water has been declared safe for consumption by PUB after extensive and rigorous testing. Mr Nair conducted house visits on May 16 and 18, to assure them that the water is safe for consumption, during which some residents shared their discomfort and wondered whether any religious rites could be performed for greater peace of mind.

Consequently, the Admiralty Inter-Racial and Religious Confidence Circle (IRCC) has arranged for religious representatives to perform some prayer services on Saturday at the lift lobby of Blk 686B at 3pm before the forum and dialogue session. The session will last from 3pm to 5pm.

Also, in another example of politicians' increasing use of new media as a platform to communicate with the public, a video of Mr Nair drinking tap water during a house visit to prove that the water in Blk 686B is safe for drinking, was posted online to help soothe fears about the block's water supply.

From Straits Times, "Video: MP soothes Woodlands residents".

Member of Parliament for Sembawang GRC, Mr Vikram Nair, has given his personal reassurance that water in Block 686B Woodlands Drive 73 is safe for consumption.

The body of an Indonesian maid was found floating in a water tank at Block 686B on Monday and residents have been squeamish about drinking the water from the tap. A Bangladeshi cleaner was charged with her murder on Wednesday.

Mr Nair said: "Someone posted on my Facebook 'Why doesn't the MP lead by example and drink some water?' So another resident who saw that post invited me in, he didn't ask me to drink but he said 'Thank you for coming and it was very nice of you to come but my family is still a bit concerned.'

"So since we met on Facebook, I said let me have a glass of water. So I did that and it's been okay."

Meanwhile, the PAP Town Councils said they will further enhance the current security measures on access to the water tanks of HDB blocks.

In a statement, Coordinating Chairman Dr Teo Ho Pin said they would allow only authorised Town Council staff and the Emergency Unit to have access to the water tanks.

Dr Teo said there is currently two levels of security control in place for access to the water tanks.

He said the water tanks at the roof top are secured with locks.

In addition, access to the roof top is also secured with lockable doors.

The issue of the keys is restricted to authorised personnel for maintenance and emergency work.

From Channel NewsAsia, "Water in Block 686B Woodlands Drive 73 safe to drink, says MP".


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