Naked News Singapore: Akan datang ... or wait long long?

Move aside Naked News Korea! I believe the time will come when one day we will have its own Naked News Singapore.


Well, it's almost as unbelievable to imagine that any Opposition party would have wrestled a GRC from the ruling party PAP. But hey, it happened! So I guess it's just a matter of time (and faith!) that Naked News Singapore to be launched here.

So who's the best candidate, you ask me?

From the lack of alluring women in Singapore (disagree if you must!), I can only think of the fictional TV newscaster Adrianna Wow (acted by the gorgeous Michelle Chong).

Adrianna Wow - Photo: XinMSN

I did mention 'gorgeous' Michelle Chong, didn't I? - Photo: ZH SGForum


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