Mischievous Quan Yifeng charged not only with mischief!!

Quan Yifeng (or is it Quan Yi Feng?) is without doubt the beauty and the beast--yeah, yeah...that answers my past article, "Quan Yifeng: the beauty...and the beast?".

Some time in June last year, she was accused of taxi rage, which led to her being invited for a 6-hour talk with police in July!

It's indeed a matter of time before she's charged officially.

The time has come. I was irked at how Asiaone reported the case. The heading (screenshot above) says "TV host Quan Yi Feng charged with mischief" with a typical big caption. It's completely incorrect. She was charged with TWO counts of mischief and ONE count of using criminal force on a taxi driver.

According to ComfortDelGro, the taxi driver (aka the victim) had "been traumatised by this act of aggression". I do hope ComfortDelGro as a caring employer help this traumatised taxi driver to pursue the matter against the alleged bully Quan Yifeng.

The question is how long will she languish in jail? Will she be rewarded with the maximum 2 years and 3 months of jail? Will the traumatised taxi driver smile to the cameraman and flash the V sign and dramatically declare with teary eyes, "Justice is served!"

I'd love to be around (as the photographer). Heh.

ALMOST a year after popular TV host Quan Yifeng made headlines over a dispute with a cabby, she has now been charged in court for her behaviour in that incident.

On Wednesday, she was charged with two counts of mischief and one of criminal force.

Quan, 37, whose name appears in the charges as Chuan Yi Fong, is alleged to have kicked the right rear passenger door of a taxi belonging to Mr Chan Swee Kong, causing damage amounting to $107.

The second mischief charge states that the MediaCorp celebrity caused about $70 worth of damage to the vehicle's fare meter and receipt printer.

She is also said to have pushed the 53-year-old cabby in the chest and attempted to kick him in the incident
, which occurred along Upper East Coast Road at about 8.40am on June 26 last year.

From Straits Times, "TV host charged over cab dispute".

TELEVISION host Quan Yi Feng was charged in court yesterday with two counts of mischief and one count of using criminal force on a taxi driver almost a year ago.

According to court documents - which named her as Chuan Yi Fong - she is accused of pushing cabby Chan Swee Kong, 53, on his chest and attempting to kick him, in an incident on June 26 last year.

The 37-year-old also allegedly kicked the right rear passenger door of the ComfortDelGro taxi, causing damage amounting to $107.

She is also said to have damaged the taxi fare meter and the printer for receipts, causing damage amounting to $69.55.

The incident happened about 8.40am at the junction of Upper East Coast Road and Bedok South Avenue 1.

Quan is a popular MediaCorp TV host who is best known for being a glib and eloquent talker.

On the morning of the incident, she was on her way to Changi Airport for an overseas assignment and was with her daughter, then aged 11, and a male personal assistant.

Clad in a light-grey T-shirt and blue jeans, she looked calm and composed, flashing a smile at reporters when she arrived at the Subordinate Courts yesterday morning, said Chinese evening newspaper Lianhe Wanbao.

When asked if she had slept well the night before, she merely smiled and nodded.

She was accompanied by her lawyer, Mr Subhas Anandan, as well as a young man who is believed to be a friend.

The court proceedings lasted about five minutes and the Taiwan-born Quan was later seen waiting outside the courts with Mr Anandan and her male friend.

Ten minutes later, all three left in a grey Mercedes-Benz.

A pre-trial conference has been scheduled for June 29.

If convicted of mischief, Quan could be jailed for up to one year, fined, or both, on each charge.

She could receive a maximum punishment of up to three months' jail and fined $1,500 if convicted of using criminal force.

From Asiaone, "TV host Quan Yi Feng charged with mischief".

MediaCorp television host Quan Yi Feng has responded to allegations of a physical dispute involving a 52-year-old Singapore cabbie on June 26.

"I hope to bring the truth to light as soon as possible," Quan told channelnewsasia.com on Wednesday after returning to Singapore from Mauritius where she had been filming.

Quan revealed that when she returned to Singapore, she immediately visited her lawyer.

"My lawyer advised me not to read any of the earlier media reports... because the reports may upset me and were quite different from what I had related to him," said Quan, sounding calm and collected during a phone interview.

"I only saw two photographs that were shown to me by my lawyer, a photo of the taxi's interior, with change strewn everywhere and another of me beside the taxi driver, waving," Quan said.

A ComfortDelGro taxi driver, known only as Mr Chan, had claimed that Quan got into a physical altercation with him and made a mess of his taxi after he refused to help Quan load her luggage onto his vehicle when she boarded his cab. She reportedly took the keys to his taxi and left in another cab.

Quan said she had a very difficult time in Mauritius due to the incident but denied returning early to deal with the matter.

The veteran TV host who was reportedly scheduled to return only on Friday said she found it very hard to work while in Mauritius.

"I hardly got a wink of sleep, especially with the time difference and having to respond to numerous phone queries on the matter. I was exhausted mentally and physically.

"I took an overnight flight to Singapore and because of the time difference, there was a slight misunderstanding with the production department here. I did not return early, I simply came back after I finished shooting."

Quan is currently featured in the variety show "New City Beat" televised every Friday on MediaCorp's Channel 8.

MediaCorp has said it will not be commenting on the matter as it is under police investigation.

Singapore police who are investigating the matter, said in a statement to channelnewsasia.com that they had received a call about "a dispute at the junction of Upper East Coast Road and Bedok South Ave 1" that day. The statement also said that it was "established that a female taxi passenger had taken the taxi ignition key and left".

A ComfortDelGro spokesperson said it is assisting the police in their investigations as well as "assisting the driver who has been traumatised by this act of aggression".

Public speculation has been rife about Quan's involvement after media reports surfaced relating the taxi driver's claims of assault. Many believe that Quan had acted in the way described by the cabbie, citing an incident 14 years ago where the television host was fined S$1,000 after getting into a fight with a bowling alley attendant, along with her choice of legal counsel, top Singapore criminal lawyer Subhas Anandan.

When asked about her views on this, Quan replied after a moment's pause: "I feel wronged. People bring up my past and, with the photos, believe the whole matter happened exactly as reported in the papers. They believe they more or less know what happened," said Quan.

"They seem to have passed judgment on me without giving me the time or the opportunity to explain myself.

"I feel as though I have already been sentenced before I returned to Singapore, before I talked to the police and even before I spoke to my lawyer. I find it very unfair."

The 36-year-old television host went on to reveal that she is aware that as she is a celebrity she has to "pay more attention to her behaviour".

But she went on to add "if I have acted in a way that may have caused a misunderstanding, it is because my daughter had gotten hurt during the incident ... she was crying".

"My daughter is having a very difficult time. She is very frightened and can hardly go to sleep. She told me her eyes were twitching at night," said Quan.

With all the controversy surrounding this matter, and her daughter's present condition, Quan said she is under a lot of stress. However, she noted that she will still complete whatever work she is assigned and hopes that this incident will blow over soon.

"I want to quickly face this matter and solve the problem. I must step up to face this matter," said Quan.

"I want to quickly lodge a police report and assist the police in their investigation, to let people hear what I have to say, to let them hear my side of the story."

From Channel NewsAsia, "'I hope to bring the truth to light', says Quan Yi Feng on alleged cabbie attack". (01/07/10)


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