iFly Singapore: Look, ma! Without wings!

iFly Singapore. Check out the website iflysingapore.com to learn more about this latest attraction!

VISITORS to Sentosa can cycle, swim, run, and starting on Thursday, fly too.

The island's newest multi-million dollar attraction - iFly Singapore - was officially opened on Wednesday and will be open to the public from Thursday.

At a height of 17.22 metres and a diameter of 5.02m, the indoor skydiving wind tunnel is said to be the largest of its kind in the world.

Founder and managing director of iFly, Mr Lawrence Koh, told reporters at the attraction's opening that the $25-million American franchise, which began construction here in 2008, was 'a dream...finally come true'. Mr Koh himself is an avid skydiver, and a former officer of the SAF parachuting school.

Also at the launch was Foreign Minister George Yeo, who delivered a short address about aerodynamics. For the event, the outgoing minister put on a red, personalised skydiving suit and took a two-minute 'flight' in the wind tunnel.

The iFly is open to first-time flyers, from as young as seven years old, as well as professional skydivers. Its team of 11 instructors include three who spent two years training in the United States and Britain. Beginner flight packages, which includes training and two sessions, start at $89 a person.

From Straits Times, "Indoor skydiving wind tunnel opens in Sentosa".


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