Goh Lee Yin: a kleptomaniac or a thief with a good taste of branded stuff?

One statement: Goh Lee Yin is said to previously diagnosed with an uncontrollable urge to steal.

Another statement: according to the latest psychiatric report her thefts were 'unlikely to emanate from kleptomania'.

Contradictory, no? If she truly suffered from kleptomania, will it be fair that she's punished like a dirty criminal? No way!
A WOMAN previously diagnosed with an uncontrollable urge to steal tried to leave a boutique after she was caught stealing a $4,790 bag.

A Community Court heard that Chanel store's security sensor alarm sounded when Goh Lee Yin, 30, left without paying for the item at Ngee Ann City on Feb 24 last year. When a staff approached her to check her belongings, Goh surrendered a handbag from a plastic bag and tried to leave but was detained.

Goh pleaded guilty on Thursday to the charge and another theft of a $610 sweater from Emporio Armani boutique at Mertius Mandarin Gallery in December. A third charge of stealing a $3,199 dress at Gucci will be taken into consideration when she is sentenced in July.

Her lawyer Choo Si Sen had asked for a day's jail plus fine each, while Deputy Public Prosecutor Wong Kok Weng urged the court to impose no less than six weeks' jail in total.

DPP Wong gave a background of Goh who was last given 18 months' supervised probation by the High Court in 2007 after dismissing the prosecution's appeal against her one-day and $8,000-fine sentence for theft.

The latest psychiatric report on the former engineer stated that her thefts were 'unlikely to emanate from kleptomania''. Community Court Judge Ng Peng Hong called for a pre-sentence report on July 6. The maximum penalty for theft is seven years and a fine on each charge.

From Straits Times, "Woman admits to stealing branded goods".


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