Geraldine Soh: Dismissal not the (political) issue if only her exit interview carried out properly?

Yes. Was there even an exit interview carried out with Ms. Geraldine Soh?! If yes, the misunderstanding on the reason of her dismissal should have been sorted out and not to let it blown & entangled with political issues.

It is said that she has accused Esmaco Township Management to ask her to go due to her political afflication (she supports Nicole Seah's Party, yeah, you know what I mean!).

However according to Channel NewsAsia, MOM is quoted to say that no complaint officially lodged by Ms. Soh? If she's not filing the complaint anytime soon, we can safely conclude that Ms. Geraldine Soh may indeed be sacked due to her incompetence.

A SUPPORTER of opposition National Solidarity Party (NSP) is claiming she was wrongfully dismissed by her company, which manages the Jurong Town Council.

Ms Geraldine Soh, 25, has accused Esmaco Township Management of asking her to go because of her political affiliation.

But Esmaco said yesterday she was asked to leave on Monday because her performance had not been up to scratch for several months. As a customer service officer, she had to relay residents' calls to the relevant staff and contractors.

Town council general manager Ho Thian Poh said she had displayed 'weaknesses in attending to calls from residents, and following up on calls'.

He denied her claim that her dismissal was linked to a colleague spotting her selling NSP merchandise at the party's rally in Jurong West Stadium on May 1.

She told The Straits Times that she was supporting her boyfriend Joel Kong, 26, a legal executive and NSP member who had volunteered to help candidate Steve Chia, who was contesting single-seat Pioneer.

From Straits Times, "Council denies firing worker over NSP link".

Was she sacked by the Jurong Town Council because of incompetence, or was it because of her involvement with an opposition party?

A flurry of postings over the Internet on Monday suggested the latter reason.

In an emailed reply to Channel NewsAsia on Tuesday, town council general manager Ho Thian Poh said 25-year-old former customer service officer Geraldine Soh was terminated by the town council's managing agent, EMASCO Township Management, "for reasons of under-performance over a period of several months".

The underperformance included weaknesses in attending to and following up on calls from residents, even as counselling by her supervisors "did not lead to improvement", Mr Ho said.

"We would like to clarify that this was purely a human resource management issue between ESMACO and the employee... Council members of Jurong Town Council are not involved in ESMACO's human resource decisions," he added.

Questions regarding Ms Soh's dismissal started surfacing on Tuesday after her boyfriend, Joel Kong, alerted netizens and online social political websites about the incident.

Ms Soh, who was given her last pay cheque on Tuesday, told reporters she had been suspended from work last Tuesday.

The weekend before, she had been helping to distribute National Solidarity Party (NSP) pamphlets and sell party merchandise.

Ms Soh, who is now unemployed, said she had been working at the town council for the past three years.

She was inspired to go down and help out at NSP candidate Steve Chia's rally at Jurong West stadium after reading his book.

It was her first time helping at an opposition party's event.

She continued to attend NSP events even after she was suspended.

Her boyfriend, a 26-year-old legal executive, had accompanied her at the NSP events, where they apparently met two town council colleagues separately at the rallies, including a term contractor.

This, she felt, led to speculation that her dismissal could have been due to her participation at the rallies.

Ms Soh denied that she had attended counselling sessions because of her work.

She had been called into the office "about four to five times over the last three years" following complaints from residents.

But this was a "common occurrence" among colleagues, she said.

She did not receive any feedback about having to improve her services.

Mr Kong also claimed that Ms Soh received a high "C" grading for her performance rating sometime between February and March.

Jurong Town Council's general manager did not reply to queries regarding the timing of Ms Soh's dismissal, or the short notice period that she received.

In response to MediaCorp's queries, a Ministry of Manpower (MOM) spokesperson also said it has not received any complaints officially lodged by Ms Soh.

From Channel NewsAsia, "Sacked due to incompetence or opposition involvement?".


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