F&N Zesta Lets You Do More (So drink more!)

Zesta is a new Guarana drink brought to you by F&N.

But what is 'Guarana'?

Guarana (pronounced gwa-ra-NAH) is a creeping shrub native to Venezuela and northern Brazil in the Amazon rain forest. The fruit are small, bright-red, and contains black seeds.

Guarana seeds are rich in caffeine and contain up to 4-8% caffeine, more than coffee beans, which contain approximately 1–2.5% caffeine. The seeds are also rich in tannins and xanthine alkaloids theophylline and theobromine.

Guaraná is reputed to be a stimulant and increase mental alertness, fight fatigue, and increase stamina and physical endurance.

Well, looking forward to it. Heh. Kind of tired consuming that other drink who's supposedly give you wiiings. Hur hur.

You know who you are. Always one step ahead of the pack, you don't just make news - you ARE the news. For all you trendsetters who are the first to swig Zesta, get exclusive entry to the Zesta "In The Know" Contest where you stand to bag a set of Monster Beats Solo by Dr. Dre On-Ear Headphones!

All you have to do is take a photo of yourself drinking a bottle of Zesta. Submit your photo together with your particulars by 22 May 2011. Winners will be announced on 27 May 2011.

Zesta - Enter the Contest


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